Would you buy an e-book with embedded music?

April 20, 2011

Would you buy a book with embedded music written specifically for that book?

I know. On Monday morning I wasn’t even sure that an electronic book would have a cover and was amazed to discover that it could be autographed. But by Monday evening, I had learned that if you have the right technology, you can have music embedded in your e-book.

The speaker at Monday night’s meeting of the Southwest Manuscripters was Stephen Smoke, author of 19 novels and eight non-fiction books, writer and director of feature films including Street Crimes, starring Dennis Farina, and Final Impact. He is also a published songwriter and has a long list of other creative credits.

His most recent project, Cathedral of the Senses, is the first novel with its own embedded soundtrack. You can check it out at here if the idea intrigues you.

When I think about how much things have changed since I was a kid (again I sound like Dana Carvey’s little old man in SNL), it’s astounding. I had to wait for the bookmobile to come to my small town with books for me to read, and I was a voracious reader. When I learned to type, I learned on a standard portable typewriter…it wasn’t even electric. I watched my grandmother sew my clothes on an old treadle machine. (No, I’m not so old that there was no electricity when I was a child, but my grandmother had learned to sew on, and loved, her old treadle machine. I loved sitting on the floor watching the rhythm of her feet on the iron pedal.)

Today a child in the same small town I grew up in can download a new book to their e-reader when they run out of reading material…and what’s a typewriter? My sewing machine is computerized, has over 800 different stitches on it, and will do embroidery for me if I wish. (See, I’m really not resistant to change. I just love the romance of writing with a pen and paper and holding that book in my hand.)

What about you? Are there times when you prefer to write with a pen and paper, and do you read print books? Or does technology get your creative juices flowing?


3 Responses to “Would you buy an e-book with embedded music?”

  1. I’m not sure I’d buy an e-book with embedded music. It depends if that music could be turned off during reading and listened to in a regular iTunes playlist later. I’m not a reader who likes to listen to music while I read.

    Technology can get a bit carried away. 🙂


  2. taristhread Says:

    I actually thought the same thing, and it doesn’t look like the music really plays while you read, but plays at the end of the chapters, then you control whether you even listen to it at all. I prefer no distractions when I’m reading, but I thought the concept was interesting.

  3. armando Says:

    I would love to have an original soundtrack of a novel… specially if it is action/thriller

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