Creative Outlets

April 26, 2011

I like to think that I’m a creative person. After all, I’m a writer, so ‘creative’ right? And, there are times when I just can’t sit still with a pen and paper or at my computer for another moment. Sometimes I’ll head to the beach to walk, or dance to 80’s music in my living room (assuming I’m alone). Sometimes I need to be creative…without words.

For me this usually means cooking or sewing.

I love to cook, and although there are days when it’s just a chore, most days it’s an outlet for creativity and a way to show my family that I love them. When I’m writing, if anyone knows what I’m working on, they might see a connection to what’s happening in my kitchen. If I’m working on a romantic scene in my book, I’m very likely to continue that mood and serve scallops sautéed in garlic butter with roasted parmesan asparagus, rice pilaf and liqueur-soaked apple upside down cupcakes for desert. Sometimes if I’m trying to get into a character’s head, I’ll feed that character. Poached salmon with rosemary green beans for the attorney who wants my current heroine, and Flemish beef stew with au gratin potatoes for his hunky competition that drives a pick-up truck! If my heroine is having issues, chances are I’m baking cookies—delicate carrot cookies with orange peel frosting, oatmeal cookies, double chocolate thumbprints, or maybe I’ll try something entirely new.

None of this of course is good for my waistline, but it does serve as creative inspiration and get me back to work writing.

 About this time of year (yes, I know it’s only spring), I also like to get busy working on Christmas. I’ll flip through my sewing books or browse the Internet for ideas, and I’ll start working on projects for holiday gifts and decorating our home. If my writing isn’t flowing the way I like or a chapter just isn’t working, I’ll sew. It’s like therapy for me…and sometimes my characters, and I’ll pick up my pen again ready to write.

All three of my boys are excellent writer’s (if I do say so myself), and each has other creative outlets. Two are artists. They all are musicians, and my middle son writes and composes his own music.

I’m guessing that each of you has other creative outlets. What do you do when the words aren’t flowing? What are your other outlets for creativity?


3 Responses to “Creative Outlets”

  1. Edward Drake Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Be it cooking, decorating, gardening or even just putting up the Christmas lights, all of it is an outlet for creativity. The funniest thing is half the time we don’t even realise it!

  2. Hey, Tari. I dabble in interior decorating. I designed my kitchen remodel, complete with sketches to scale. I’m obsessed with interior decorating magazines. I have a special file for all my tear sheets. And when I’m stuck with writing, I often move around the furniture to get my creative juices flowing again.

    I also play piano and sing.

    But like you said, even the mundane stuff gets a creative spin and can relate to writing.

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