Royal Weddings, Romance and Real Love

April 29, 2011

I didn’t watch the royal wedding live. I slept, and then I paid bills. The thing is, when you’re not a royal, you have to do things like pay your “prince’s” life insurance policy premium on time,  because if you don’t and his brother comes calling with a hoard of usurpers to do unspeakable things, you’re left raising little ones who’ve suddenly lost their place in the line of succession. Real life sucks sometimes…

But it’s also incredibly wonderful.

As I sat with tears streaming down my face, watching clips of Kate walking into Westminster Abbey, my 15-year-old rolled his eyes and hissed, “It’s just a wedding mom. They’re royal goons. Why do you care?”

I care, because I believe in the fairytale.

(Okay, this is where I get sappy, so you can stop reading if you’re a perpetual pessimist or you hate love.)

I write romance because it’s what I know. Of course, I read romance, so I know the genre through the amazing books that have touched my heart. But, I also know romance, because I live it. (Get your finger out of your throat.)

Twenty years ago, I asked a guy with an amazing smile to prom as I drove him to school (Not your traditional romantic moment). He said, “Sure. Why not?” (Also not your traditional romantic moment) And I may have swooned (Not traditional, just pathetic).

By prom, we were dating. I’m still not sure if that was the result of him really liking me or wanting to get especially lucky on prom night (which he didn’t, a fact that still makes me laugh). After all, he was sort of royalty—popular, athletic—and I was a sort of commoner—drama geek.

After prom, and after the prom gown didn’t go the way most prom gowns go (to the floor of a seedy hotel room), I expected him to walk away.

But for some reason, he kept calling. He liked me.  

(I just texted him and asked him why. His response follows.)


See? I told you. Romance. After twenty years together.

Dreamy sigh!

If you made it through the drivel and you’re still reading this far, let me end by saying I watched the royal wedding and I write romance because I’m a sucker for love. Real love. True love. The bone melting love that hits you in the middle of the night when you cuddle up next to the person you’ve promised to honor and cherish and you realize somehow in all the suck of life, you got really, really lucky.

Happy Wedding Day, Will and Kate. May your life together be filled with love.


2 Responses to “Royal Weddings, Romance and Real Love”

  1. Tari Says:

    It’s 6:35am here, I just got up, so I haven’t seen any of the Royal Wedding yet..other than the yahoo news when I turned on my computer. But I also love a love story….and I love yours! What great inspiration for a romance writer.

    I also love my own love story…23 years together, 22 years married…23 years madly in love. People who don’t know us still ask if we’re newly weds because of the way we look at each other. And like you…I feel like I got really, really lucky!

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Thanks for reading my story, Tari. 🙂

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