I am a Writer: Meet Doris O’Connor

June 8, 2011

Name and/or pen name: Doris O’Connor

Doris O'Conner

Doris O'Conner

Blog/web site/twitter: thetardisscribbles.blogspot.com , @mamaD8

Where I write: At my desk in the corner of the living room, on the settee, like I’m doing now and most often propped up in bed, hiding from the kids. 😉 I have a very handy portable netbook, which has been a lifesaver for my writing. No one is allowed to touch it on fear of instant death and I’m only half joking!

What I write: Contemporary and erotic romance and my latest WIP is paranormal

Worst rejection: A full-length erotic romance, which I had completely rewritten and had high hopes for. Whilst I received some feedback, I was left with the impression that my writing sucked big time and I really did take it to heart. I even blogged about it and cried for days. I’m blaming my pregnancy hormones! Needless to say I got over it, re-edited and submitted elsewhere. It’s a story I believe in and hopefully a publisher will agree with me soon…

Best rejection: A contemporary romance. I received some very encouraging feedback, which left me smiling for days. The editor was really positive about my writing and the story and whilst she didn’t take it further it showed me that I was on the right track.

What keeps me writing: The characters in my head, clambering to have their story told. I write strong alpha heroes and they do not take kindly to being told they have to wait. The whole family is used to me now tapping away on the netbook feverishly. When in the midst of a story I have been known to write whilst cooking dinner and burning the midnight oil. It’s either that or completely run out of head space and then I am even more blonde than usual—so not good! And I end up with a massive headache to boot.

I am a writer because…I couldn’t imagine not writing and am miserable when I can’t write. As an only child I had to make my own entertainment when little and used to fabricate complicated worlds in my head and act them out through play. Once I could write it was natural to write those stories down. When I am not writing I’m reading. I love the excitement a new story brings and the journey my characters go through to reach their HEA, even if they do have a tendency to go off on a tangent. My writing is pure seats of the pants stuff and when I try and plot it just doesn’t work. So I have learned to listen to the voices in my head and rather than being carried off to the funny farm, hopefully they will get me a book deal one day soon. 😉 Here’s hoping!


[We’d like to thank Doris for sharing with us. If you’re an unpublished romance writer who is interested in being profiled, email Elley.]


14 Responses to “I am a Writer: Meet Doris O’Connor”

  1. Joanne Robinson Says:

    See D now if I was *mmmpmhh* Years younger, we could be twins. I have such faith in your work, it’s only a matter of time, before we are buying it… or getting a free copy !

  2. Kiru Taye Says:

    Wow, Doris. Reading this made me smile widely because I could see bits of myself there.
    I really look forward to the day I can pick up a book with your name on the cover and say, ‘I know this author. She’s my friend.’

    You know I’m a fan already and I’m routing for you to get that book deal soon. Your alpha heroes are TDF.

  3. You’re right. It’s so important to listen to the voices in your head. I just try not to reply out loud.

    And bravo for not letting a rejection drag you down. It’s a big part of the business and the key is to just keep at it.

  4. Alyssa Fox Says:

    You’re going to go far, Doris. You have the right mind set about rejections learn from them, and keep moving forward, they are part of the business.
    Voices in the head is the fun part about writing.

  5. heather Says:

    Oh the voices…. dont they have medication for that… wouldnt be strong enough Im thinking. I know mine scream at me when I cant write (like when im working) then go deathly quiet when i have a pen and paper or net book to hand… I think they need medication… Love your stuff D and one day (soon) I will say I knew you when…

    xx Heather

  6. I find it hilarious when your charactors keep you awake at night, or interrupt your sleep just to haev their say. I really enjoy the adventure you take me on when your plot lines are unraveling. Mostly I love that you are so determined to follow your heart, and more often than not, get what you want. Best of luck Doris xxx

  7. Summer Says:

    Your’s writing’s great, Doris. It’s only a matter of time.

  8. clarekirkpatrick Says:

    Thank you for doing this, Doris – it was really interesting, as a fellow writer-mother.

  9. Ann Says:

    It’s your destiny to be published D. One who is as prolific as you will be visited by success eventually. Looking forward to that day ; )

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