My Microwave’s Broken and So Is My Mind

June 16, 2011

Lord, I need some green tea.

My new-ish microwave (purchased in February) stopped working after a big storm last week. I called for repair and was told an all-day appointment—meaning I sit and wait for some guy from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.—was available for today (which was tomorrow when I called yesterday). Last evening, I got a call saying the all-day appointment wasn’t available. They were booked—all day—and the soonest they could have a technician to my house was June 21.


What does this have to do with writing? I need my green tea.

When I write, I drink green tea. (I’d rather drink wine, but the consequences are clear.) I head straight out of bed to the kitchen, snatch an inspirational mug from the cupboard (Nobody touches these mugs but me!) and zap some filtered water in the microwave.

Inspirational Quote Mugs

But I can’t do this now, because my microwave is broken and I don’t own a teapot and apparently I’m too lazy to go buy one. (I’d rather whine about it—or wine about it…now there’s an idea.)

So I sit here and stumble through a tea-less blog entry, wishing June 21 would hurry up and get here already. When I’m done typing this, I’ll throw on some clothes and walk the block to the coffee shop where I’ll buy some substandard organic green tea (Anything less than Tazo Zen green tea is substandard taste to me.) for a ridiculous price. One 16-ounce cup. It won’t even last me through a single chapter.

I’m going to buy a tea pot.

Do you have a writing companion like my green tea? Something that smoothes your edges and keeps you moving forward? I once heard of a writer who chewed through multiple packs of gum a day. (I think my jaw would hurt after a few sticks.) Coffee’s probably popular. Diet soda? I once “met” a couple writers on Twitter who drink whiskey…or is it scotch? Now there’s a question: have you ever written a scene while you were tipsy—or downright drunk? How about that for an experiment? Let’s all drink a little too much, write a scene and share the results. (Just kidding…sort of. I could be persuaded.)

See? I need my green tea. My microwave’s broken, and so is my mind.



2 Responses to “My Microwave’s Broken and So Is My Mind”

  1. Tari Says:

    Elley, I’m sitting here laughing my ‘you know what’ off!! You do know that you can boil water in a pan and pour it over a tea bag in your mug don’t you?? I know I still write with a pen and paper…..although, I’m thinking of starting to write on the computer for speed……but in times of crisis the old ways can still work!!

    Have a great day, I’m going to go downstairs and boil water for my tea so I can pick up my pen and write….or maybe I will write on the computer today…..hmmmmm.

  2. See how broken my mind is? I think I’ll give this boiling water thing a try. 🙂


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