Three Things I’ve Learned from My Broken Microwave (and a Movie Set)

June 21, 2011

 Today my microwave gets fixed. In the week that I’ve been microwave-less, I’ve learned a few things:

I can boil water. (Thank you, Tari! Wish you’d been around to save the Mayans.)

I finally got tired of the daily trek to the coffee shop. (Okay, one block is not a trek, but a woman jumped the curb and ran through the pizza shop next store, which certainly made the jaunt feel trekky—made-up word alert—to me.) Once I started boiling water and making tea at home again, I realized…

I’m spoiled. (And we’re not talking microwaved—another made-up word—water here.)

I live a pretty charmed life, but like most people, I forget to be thankful for the good stuff sometimes. Writing fulltime in a silent house is a luxury I took for granted on more than one occasion, most recently until my daughter’s latest “job” put me on a movie set eight hours a day. (I lied. As I’m writing this in the holding room, it’s been nine hours—ended up being a 14-hour day.) I tried writing. I brought my laptop, but the battery died after three hours. I tried reading on my iPhone (forgot my iPad), by the battery died after nine hours. And so I learned Lesson No. 3…

Technology can only get me so far. (Tari, this one’s for you.)

I originally wrote this post with pen and paper. Because when all else fails, the urge to write can’t be controlled. (And next time I’m bringing a paperback book.)

Tomorrow Writer Wednesday is back. I’m going to edit, upload and set the interview to post while I’m once again being the “stage mom” I never wanted to be. Please don’t hold any glitches and typos against me this week. The bottom line is while writing is my dream—and I’d much rather be devoting these hours to finishing my current manuscript—my daughter has a dream too. And while I wouldn’t have picked this particular dream for her (not in a million years, for reasons too many to post here), acting makes her heart sing like writing makes mine sing. How can I fault her for that?

I’m pretty sure she learned the whole follow-your-heart thing from me.

3 Responses to “Three Things I’ve Learned from My Broken Microwave (and a Movie Set)”

  1. Tari Says:

    This is too funny!! I love the photo….looks just like the boxes of notebooks I have!! Glad your microwave is getting fixed, and I can wait for you to fix a couple of errors until you have time….being a stage mom is very important. Take pictures, we’ll want to see your daughter in her play!!

  2. Oh man, The repair guy just left, and he has to order a part. Looks like I’m boiling water for another week.

    I would take pictures, but I’m not allowed. My phone will be confiscated and pictures deleted if they see me snapping a shot. I don’t even know if I can tell you the name of the film or who’s starring in it–the confidentiality agreement was very lengthy. But, as soon as it wraps and especially when it opens, I’ll let you know.

  3. Tari Says:

    I’m laughing my ‘you know what’ off!! -I really am sorry about your microwave- but, you’re too funny!

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