The Manuscript Is Written…What Next?

June 27, 2011

Good Morning, everyone! I’m at my desk, ready to begin, and I’m so excited. I’m sitting here with my first finished manuscript ready to start rewrites.

I love everything about writing…

Starting with getting the story on paper. With fiction this is so much different (at least for me) than with non-fiction. When I write an article, I have a topic and usually three main points. I do the research; write the piece; rewrite up until the deadline and wait to get a copy of the publication (and a check).

I love the whole process.

Writing fiction, I’m a pantser—I only recently discovered this—so my first draft also serves as my outline. Every day when I sit down with my pen, I wonder what will happen next in the story. Although occasionally I have an idea of what comes next, for the most part I don’t know until the pen hits the paper.

Last week I finished my first draft, so today I begin the next step. Rewrites. I have some writing friends who hate rewrites. They’ve finished the story and want to go on to the next. I actually love rewriting. This is where I get to go back and really craft the story, tighten things up, fill in any holes, add energy, hopefully give the story a little “magic.” I know my characters better than I did when I began the story. Now I can go back to the beginning armed with new knowledge and hopefully give them more dimensions.

Okay, there is one thing I don’t like about writing, and that’s sitting so much. Really, my behind is getting sore!

So, I’ve downloaded my manuscript to my new Kindle (got my birthday present early and I love it). I’m packing a lunch, and I’m heading to the beach to walk and then to read through my manuscript and make some notes.

What do you love about writing? What do you hate, if anything?


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