I am a Writer: Meet Karina Buchanan

June 29, 2011

Karina Buchanan

Karina Buchanan

My Name and/or Pen Name:  Karina Buchanan

Blog/web site/twitter: http://karina-buchanan.blogspot.com/, http://karinabuchanan.weebly.com/, @karinabuchanan1

Where I write: I take my netbook (pink, so the rest of the male-dominated household don’t feel the urge to use it!) out to our wee sun room at the back of the house. If I’m feeling particularly lazy, I curl up on the bed with the telly on in the background.

What I write: Contemporary Romance

Worst rejection: I have a box full of them but the worst came after an on-line pitch last year. I was promised feedback, whether or not they picked up my story, but I got another standard “R.” I was crushed. Not least because this was my first full-length manuscript and I had poured my heart and soul into it.

Best rejection: Years ago, I subbed a partial to Harlequin. Looking back now, I can see how dreadful it was but the editor took time to point out the positives in my writing as well as the negatives. It gave me the courage to keep going.

What keeps me writing: I have a burning desire to keep going until I am a successful writer, for myself and my family. My husband thinks it’s his ticket to early retirement!

I am a writer because…it’s all I ever wanted to be. My teachers in school encouraged it; my family put up with it and the voices in my head won’t let me forget it.


[We’d like to thank Karina for sharing with us. If you’re an unpublished romance writer (straight romance or strong romantic elements) who is interested in being profiled, email Elley.]


6 Responses to “I am a Writer: Meet Karina Buchanan”

  1. Ah the voices, lol. Had to laugh at your husband’s comments. Mine says that frequently too 🙂

  2. Karin, thanks so much for being a part of Writer Wednesday. Wish I could crash your sunroom today. My house is crazy! Too many people running around. 🙂


    • karin Says:

      Thanks for the feature today 🙂 Unfortunately, teenager has now taken up residence in my ‘quiet room’ to listen to music!

  3. Yes, well my teenager is in the room below me listening to rap music while he lifts weights. The floor is shaking. My muse is quaking. Ugh!


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