Happy Independence Day, America!

July 3, 2011

Tari and I will be taking Friday and Monday off from the blog to celebrate the holiday weekend. If you’re celebrating, too, we wish you a safe and happy July 4 holiday.

As an aside, I wanted to thank the writers who’ve shared their stories with us since we started Writer Wednesday. We’re in need of more people to profile, so if you’re an unpublished romance writer (or writer of something else with strong romantic elements), please email me.

In addition, these wonderful ladies from past profiles will be published soon, and when a Writer Wednesday participant becomes published, she will be celebrated and featured again (details to come once this happens). We’re looking forward to following careers with you.

So again, have a safe and celebratory weekend–wherever you are, whatever you’re celebrating. We’ll be back with a post on Tuesday.



5 Responses to “Happy Independence Day, America!”

  1. Happy Independence Day and enjoy your celebrations πŸ™‚

  2. Joanne Robinson Says:


    on the subject of published….. Yee HA, I have been offered my first contract. So this site is a lucky omen!
    MOre info as and when, but oh so pleased!

  3. Joanne Robinson Says:

    Oh, don’t worry, i surely will!!!

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