Tari Turns 50! Real Life and Setting Goals

July 11, 2011

I’ve had an amazing week, but I haven’t touched my manuscript once since…well, since July 2. It’s okay, because as some of you know I was two weeks ahead of my last goal of finishing the first draft by July 9. My new goal is to rewrite and expand the book about 30,000 words by September 16.

This week my head has been in the real world. My father came out from Mississippi, spent the week with me and will be taking turns throughout the summer staying here and at my brother’s house. I hadn’t seen him in over twenty years. There were lots of tears, some healing, a lot of love and endless old stories told…now I know why I like to tell stories.

We took out some old pictures to go with some of the stories…my Weight Watcher’s plan went out the window (trying to get back on track today). Overall a really good experience and I’m glad to know I’ll be seeing him a lot this summer. Fourth of July my dad arrived. We barbecued on our roof top patio (the best part of living here in San Pedro). From the roof we have a little ocean view…depending on the marine layer and fog on the ocean…an incredible view of the Vincent Thomas Bridge and the Los Angeles Harbor, and on the Fourth of July we have a 360-degree view of fireworks from the roof. It’s truly magical.

Saturday was my OCC RWA meeting. I look forward so much to these monthly meetings and I always come away inspired and with more confidence. I have a notebook filled with notes, and I’ll have to put something together for my next post.

Saturday evening my wonderful husband made plans for a murder mystery dinner cruise in the Long Beach harbor. (You can check them out at dinnerdetective .com.) It was so much fun. He’d planned ahead and sent them pictures of me without my knowledge, so I was really surprised when partway through the evening the “cops” brought in photos of me and I became a suspect. One of the photos was a little risqué and I have to admit he’s in some trouble for sharing it. But, we had so much fun laughing, drinking champagne and staring into each other’s eyes. (I can’t believe I’ve been looking into his beautiful eyes for nearly twenty four years now, but I hope I get to look into them for many, many more!)

Sunday was my fiftieth birthday and we had a little dinner party at our favorite Italian restaurant with the boys, my dad and close friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start a new decade.

As for being fifty…I feel 28. I’ve got a wonderful family and I’m thankful for every day and year that I get to spend with them. I see nothing but possibilities…life is just beginning.

So now that I’ve written lots of sappy stuff and next to nothing about writing, I promise to get back to work on my book and I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing. Hopefully, more writing than I have, but my goal is to have 15,000 words of my second draft done this week. What are your goals?

Wow…15,000 words! I better get writing…


4 Responses to “Tari Turns 50! Real Life and Setting Goals”

  1. Happy Birthday, Teri! I know these next 50 are going to outshine the first 50. 🙂

    As for my goals: This week at the beach, I’m going to finish the two books I started reading, and I’m going to tan instead of burn. (There’s a layer of freckled Irish skin overtop the Italian/Cherokee skin. When Hubby says I’m exotic, he means I’m a mess. LOL!) And next week when I get home, I’m going to write until my fingers fall off, because I miss it so badly it hurts.


  2. Happy Birthday Tari 🙂

    Your post gave me a lovely warm glow inside. What a great week you’ve had and I am most jealous at your roof top patio. It sounds divine.

    I reached my writing goal at the weekend. Finished my current manuscript, so apart from writing that dreaded synopsis and editing I can chill out and look forward to the arrival of Markus, due four weeks on Wednesday (not that I’m counting or anything).

    Hopefully he’ll come earlier though, or I may just explode 😉

  3. Tari Says:

    Ah, Elley, I’m a similar mix. I live at the beach….but heavy sunscreen for me. My mother is Indian and Spanish, but my father is Swedish, French and English….you’d think I’d tan beautifully, but alas…crispy critter in minutes, so rather than burn I slather on sunscreen and wear a hat!! I planned on reading this week, but since I took last week off…writing for me, but like you I’ve missed it so happily working!

  4. Tari Says:

    Thank you Doris! Congrats on finishing your manuscript. The synopsis wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be, once I quit cowering under the covers. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Please keep us up to date about baby Markus!! I remember counting down those last weeks, but before you know it you’ll be holding baby Markus in your arms, then you’ll blink in he’ll be starting school!!

    I think we’ll need to see pictures of him!! Wishing you a safe and easy delivery!


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