What Are Your Writer Fetishes?

July 19, 2011

It’s true, I have some writer fetishes. Oh…words of course and the dictionary. I love the dictionary. Books. I love the feel of a book in my hands, although I admit that I’m cheating now. I also love my new Kindle. Yes, I do love my computer, but as you must know by now—if you don’t, you’re new around here so welcome—I love to write by hand. Pens, paper and journals…I LOVE them. (Have I mentioned I’m the Queen of Run-on Sentences?)

I love nice pens. I like the weight of the pen to rest right in the curve between my thumb and index finger. Blue ink is my favorite. I’ll use black, red or any other color if I have to because I just love to write, but blue is my first choice. And although I love a nice pen, the truth is most of my writing has been done
with ten-cent Bic pens, the clear ones. (Forgive me. I don’t know how to do the registered trademark symbol, but you all need to know that Bic is a registered trademark…and my favorite everyday pen!)

Then there is paper. A blank piece of paper and a pen offer up so many possibilities. Lined notebook paper or spiral notebooks are my first choice for writing my manuscripts, although computer paper will work…even if I’m not typing. My husband is in awe of the fact that I can write nearly perfectly straight with nice penmanship even on unlined paper. (I’m not trying to brag. You need to see it.) Thank you to Mr. Richard Hayman, my 5th grade teacher who would accept nothing but perfect penmanship (and was really cute so all of the fifth grade girls had a crush on him…and I think the mother’s did too!). Nice paper or stationary inspires personal notes to friends and family, love notes to my husband and sometimes notes to or from my characters in my manuscripts. I know that sounds schizophrenic, but if you’re a fiction writer
you probably understand. Megan Hart’s book Switched was a steamy story, but if you love paper it will make your pulse race. I only wish that I could visit Miriam Levy’s shop The Speckled Toad. I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect paper shop since I read the book.

I need to stop here to thank my very special Aunt Gloria for the beautiful notecards she made for me for my 50th birthday. She says she’s not crafty, but it’s not true! She’s also a writer…

So, journals. When I was young most of my journals were sporadic and most were kept in spiral notebooks…I still do this. I love a beautiful journal. My middle son, Jayson, gave me a beautiful journal with an engraved silver plated cover and my husband gave me one with an embossed leather cover with handmade paper. I have yet to write in them because I’m afraid to wreck them…I know…but I have decided how to use each. In the silver journal that my son gave me I plan on writing down stories about Jayson as he was growing up. There are so many and I think this will be the perfect place for them. In the leather journal that my
husband gave me I plan on writing stories about us and our grand romance.

I’ve started more sentences in this blog with the word “I” than I have since my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Pontius, told us never to start sentences with the word “I.” I apologize to Mrs. Pontius and promise to limit the number of “I’s” in subsequent pieces or at least to try.

Now let me switch gears. YOU. What about you? Do you love the smell of fresh ink and paper? Is it the feel of your computer keypad when you’re tapping along that gets you excited? What are your writer fetishes?


4 Responses to “What Are Your Writer Fetishes?”

  1. LD Says:

    Ha! Writing fetishes? Where should I start?

    But since I’m writing right now, I’ll share my latest. It’s typing in Garamond. I’m loving it!

  2. Joanne Robinson Says:

    ah fetishes…. handmade paper, cute notebooks from around the world. made by warring students in Thailand, anti communsts in china. communists in china. people in south america, (Guatemala) dominican republic… i love ones made wth love and fervour. my o.h. is often in far off places, and he knows what i like!!
    but notebooks have all my jottings… my lovely new mac has my M/S…. ah I love the feeling of a new M/S full of longing and promise (I hope)

  3. taristhread Says:

    I knew I couldn’t be the only girl with writing fetishes!!

  4. Elley Says:

    Of course you’re not the only one. I adore jewlery with words and quotes. I wear:

    A ring that says, “Dream”
    A necklace that says, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”
    A bracelet that says, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
    A bracelet that says, “Follow your dreams. Dance like nobody’s watching. Reach for the stars. Sing with all your heart.”

    I have more, but those are my staples.

    I also drink out of mugs with words and quotes.

    I have some handmade leather journals, and like you, Tari, I’m afraid to write in them for fear of messing them up. 🙂

    I like heavy pens that write thick and smooth.

    And if I had the guts, I’d get a tattoo like the ones at http://www.contrariwise.org/.


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