Stores for Writers

August 2, 2011

Last week, my husband had an appointment in Burbank and I tagged along just to get out of the house. After his appointment we decided to explore Burbank a little and look for someplace fun for lunch. Within a block of each other we found a model train store and a store called “The Writers Store.” We settled on a restaurant on that block, and then off he went to look at trains while I went off to see what made a store a “writer’s store.”

Now keep in mind this is Burbank, California, home of television and movie studios, so I fully expected the store to be focused on screen writing….and it was, but there was more. There were books on novel writing, non-fiction writing, and journal writing. There was software for screenwriters and novel writers. There were DVDs, and they teach classes and workshops. The store isn’t very big, but there’s a lot packed inside for any kind of writer.

For those of us working on novels a number of books caught my interest. There were books on “showing and not telling” your story, books on character development, books on plotting, books on selling, and books on turning your novel into a screenplay. When my husband came back to pick me up, those were the books that he thought I should read.

“Honey, you should be making your novel into a screenplay. That’s where the money is!”

“Darling, I have to finish my rewrites and maybe sell it as a novel before I start working on the screenplay.”

“Are you sure? Why not skip that part and go straight to the screenplay. After all, you live in Los Angeles.”

“Sweetheart….do you want to go look at some more trains?”

Anyway, I was very excited to find The Writers Store, and I’m planning on attending some of their workshops and returning for books and possibly software.

I’ve always loved bookstores, which of course are a haven for writers but geared toward readers. I’d never considered a store geared toward writers, other than of course stationary and journal stores. I went home intrigued and had to check to see if there were any other stores for writers in my area…and there are!

I have a map and a plan…and another quest…to check out all of the stores focused on writers in my area. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

In the meantime here’s a link to The Writers Store in Burbank.

Are there any writing stores near you? Who are they geared towards? What goodies have you found there? Do you find them useful, educational or inspirational? Please share!


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