Tari’s Curious about Plotting Software. Can You Help Guide Her?

August 9, 2011

Until recently, I’d never considered plotting software. Every now and then, I hear something about a program someone else is using, but I’m generally busy writing with a pen and paper and organizing scenes and chapters with tabs or cut and paste…and when I say cut and paste, I literally mean cut and paste.

Recently, however, I’ve become more technologically skilled…hmmm, alright, that might be stretching it a little bit. How about this? I’ve become less technologically impaired! I’m writing on the computer, downloading to a flash drive and sending it to my Kindle, reading on a Kindle and actually enjoying technology. So when I ran across some software for plotting in The Writers Store a couple of weeks ago I found it intriguing. Then I received my copy of this month’s RWR (Romance Writers Report from RWA) and there is an article on plotting software.

I haven’t tried any of the various programs out there yet, but they all seem to be affordable and have features that could be helpful if they are user friendly. Could it be the end of sticky tabs, post it notes and paper clips for me? I’m not sure, but I am curious.

So today I’m asking you…have you tried plotting software? Which program? Did you like it? What did you like best about it? What didn’t you like? How user friendly was it…especially for a technophobe like me?


One Response to “Tari’s Curious about Plotting Software. Can You Help Guide Her?”

  1. This is a timely post for me, because I read the article in RWR that you refer to in this post, and I considered trying plotting software. The one thing that keeps me from doing it is that I’m afraid it will distract me and take time away from writing. Gadgets tend to do that for me. if it’s full of bells and whistles, I’m bound to get caught up in learning all of that instead of writing. 🙂


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