Tudor Non-fiction: My Escape Genre (What’s Yours?)

August 11, 2011

Like most writers, I read the types of books I write. I’m a sucker for a contemporary romance with a big strong hero and a heroine who seems all wrong for him (but who ends up his perfect match). When I’m not reading or writing books like this, I’m reading books about Tudor history.

I devour Tudor non-fiction, anything analyzing the life and behavior of King Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell, Anne Boleyn (The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir), etc. I’m not an expert, but I’m a voracious fan of this dramatic time period.

I’ve thought about using all this extraneous knowledge to write a Tudor-era romance. Honestly, I think my research/reading has convinced me that romance was dead during the Tudor dynasty. (I’m sure that’s not an accurate statement. Romance is never dead.) Even if I could convince myself otherwise and think up a character or two, I resist the idea of writing fiction based on Tudor fact. Why? Because as long as I don’t write Tudor-focused subject matter I’m left with something special…a place to read where I’m not reading like a writer, a subject to devour as only a fan and reader can.

On the days when I’ve had enough of alpha heroes and quirky heroines living contemporary lives, I escape with the history of the real world, a dark and deep past that is even more dramatic than fiction.

How about you? What do you typically read and write? Do you have a genre that you escape to, a genre that you wouldn’t dream of writing but enjoy reading?


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