Tari’s Summer Update: Editing a Manuscript as Life Goes On

August 15, 2011

This has been a crazy summer, starting with out-of-town company. (I’m thrilled to see my dad after so long!) My oldest son and his girlfriend are moving back home from Maryland, and I couldn’t be happier about that. We’re putting our beautiful townhouse on the market in hopes of buying a single family home nearby. (I’ll miss the views from our roof top patio, but we really need a yard for our doggy, so we’re hoping to be moving soon.) On top of it all, I’m trying to finish editing my book to have it finished hopefully mid September. Did I mention that I’m trying to add about 30,000 words to the original manuscript?

My dad is so excited about my book that he sends me off to write periodically, which I’ve greatly appreciated. So between guests, some birthday celebrations, preparations for more guests and for moving, I’m squeezing in work on my manuscript. I’ve added a couple of chapters and thought I’d check the word count to see where I was…Somehow, I’ve only added about a thousand words.

Apparently, I’ve cut a lot of fluff in the editing process, but luckily as I work, I’m seeing places in my story that I’d like to expand. There’s an exclusive little nightclub the main character is involved with that I think could be a great place for subplots, and there are a couple of characters that I’d like to develop further now that I know them better.

Hopefully, I don’t keep cutting words as fast as I add to them—probably a curse left over from years of non-fiction writing.

So I’ll continue editing, rewriting and hopefully expanding as summer winds down, and hopefully I’ll be hugging Gerrod and Ashley soon…and moving into a nice little home with a yard for Knight.

How is your summer going? Writing? Sunbathing on the beach? Travel or guests? Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re enjoying it all. (I’ve got a moment now, so I think I’ll go work on my book!)


3 Responses to “Tari’s Summer Update: Editing a Manuscript as Life Goes On”

  1. Joanne Robinson Says:

    Summer? What’s summer, I’m getting rusty here in Scotland! although, we have had visitors, (friends and family), and I’m writing, editing and drinking wine like fury. Not long til first book publlshed, so VERY excited

  2. Joanne, I love that you’re “writing, editing and drinking wine” like fury. Sounds wonderful! I’m so excited for your release day. 🙂

    Tari, this summer has been crazy for me. I’m looking forward to the routine of the school year. That’s when I get the most out of my writing time.

    I’m so impressed by your dedication to this manuscript despite how busy you’ve been. Good for you!


  3. taristhread Says:

    Joanne!! Can hardly wait until your book is released…motivation to continue this insanity!!

    Elley, dedicated, but still not as far along as I’d like to be!! Too much chaos at one time around here!! I can hardly wait for school to start as well….but there’s still more chaos to come!

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