Expensive Wine, a Tattoo and Custom Note Cards (aka Writer Rewards)

August 18, 2011

Writing toward publication is a long, lonely process with moments that seem downright abusive. But we do it anyway. We sit in the same chair for hours. We ignore our loved ones in order to squeeze out those last few words. We put our innermost thoughts and talents on the line, leaving them susceptible to ridicule and rejection. And we do it all so that someday someone somewhere might say we are worthy of the elusive prize…Publication.

After all the hours and rejections, is Publication (yes, with a capital P) enough compensation? Hopefully, but just in case it’s not, I’m padding my prize cart. After careful consideration, these are the writer rewards I have to look forward to when my first manuscript sells:

1. I’m going to pop the cork on a bottle of Joseph Phelps Insignia 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon and I’m going to share a toast with my husband. We’ll finish off the bottle while we cuddle on the porch swing. If it’s too cold for the porch, we’ll share the bottle while we snuggle on the couch in front of the fireplace.

2. I’m getting a tattoo. I’ve always wanted one. I came close during my tenure with Disney. I picked Tinkerbelle as the character to be tattooed on my ankle. But then, fairy fanaticism hit the earth, and everywhere I turned Tinkerbelle was winking at me from somebody’s shoulder blade. I wanted the tattoo to signify my contributions to a creative wonderland. I wanted to look at the tattoo and know it meant I was part of the magic—not part of a stupid trend. When I sell, I’m treating myself to one simple word written in white on the inside of my wrist: dream. That sums this journey up perfectly.

3. I’m buying custom illustrated calling cards from Rifle Paper Co. I’ve admired these things for months now, and I can’t wait until the inscription under the watercolor caricature reads: Elley Arden, Romance Novelist.

I have bigger rewards for bigger achievements too. The biggest? When I achieve bestseller status, I’m converting my charming, brick one-car garage into a writer’s cottage, and I’m buying two pug puppies, Emerson and Hemmingway.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

How about you? Do you have rewards for various writing accomplishments?


2 Responses to “Expensive Wine, a Tattoo and Custom Note Cards (aka Writer Rewards)”

  1. taristhread Says:

    I like your reward list, I guess I’ve already divulged my fantasies of my first sale. The wine sounds wonderful, I’ve thought about a tattoo as well, but was always too chicken, and now….well I’m 50! (not that that would really stop me, I’m just chicken). Now I’m going to have to check out those calling cards, I’m intrigued.

    I would never be able to take over the garage, my husband is a garage man, always building something or working on a car, but I do have fantasies of an office….all my own, someplace away from the house where no one will interrupt my writing process because I won’t divulge the address, won’t answer the cell phone unless it’s an emergency…..aahhhh…..

    As for the dogs, I love the names, but when my doggy (whom I love) moves out with my youngest son, well, then I will have total freedom, no responsibilities for kids or pets in the first time since I was….well very young….so, no more pets for me…. I don’t think…..

    I like it, writer rewards.

    • I’m chicken about the tat too, but I look around and see how many people have them so I think, “How bad can it be?” Ha Ha! Watch. I’ll faint or something totally uncool and old lady like.

      The garage is too small for our vehicles, so it’s nothing but a shed. I got lucky that way.

      My pug died about five years ago. We do have a cat, but cats aren’t much trouble at all, so I figure once the youngest is in high school I’ll need to feel needed by something small and warm again. 🙂


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