Random This and That

August 23, 2011

Tari’s taking the week off, which means you have me for five days straight, which means I have to come up with blog topics for five days straight, which means I’m a little worried. Sometimes I think I repeat myself or sound like I’m lecturing. Maybe that’s because it’s the end of summer vacation and repeating myself and lecturing is all I’m doing around this house full of kids—only three of them, but they fill every room with their nonsense.

I’m inspired to do something similar, so this is a blog post filled with nonsense. I hope you enjoy:

  1. I joined Tumblr. After clicking enough links on Twitter and being directed to other people’s Tumblr pages, I opened one of my own. I like the way it looks. Photos and quotes, two of my favorite things, are displayed with style. And apparently I could blog there too. Check it out if you’re curious.
  2. After a long wait, I received an “R” for manuscript I felt pretty confident in. When the initial disappointment passed, I realized I wasn’t surprised it was rejected. Funny thing: non-fiction editing and fiction editing isn’t all that different when it comes to acquisitions. As an experienced editor, I made a quick mental list of all the reasons the manuscript would be a risky purchase, and then promptly kicked myself for not making a similar list before I submitted. (I was thinking like a writer in love with her manuscript, butterflies and all.) With my editor’s cap in place, I gave myself a revise and resubmit—not to the same publisher of course. Yesterday, I traded the editor’s cap for the writer’s cap, and I spent the day on revisions. I’m pleased with the results and I’m hoping this schizophrenic relationship between editor and writer can last.
  3. Talk about random…I want to lose some weight, which is a loaded statement for a recovered bulimic. Let me rephrase. I want to get fit. I want muscles. I want a hard body. I want to crave the burn and endorphins released during a workout. Yet, here I sit, craving triple chocolate cookies instead.
  4. A new idea for a story arrived in my head last evening. Of course, baseball is part of the backdrop. What is with me? Write what you know and all that jazz, but it’s getting frustrating. Can I make a career writing nothing but baseball-related romance? (Fortunately, my relationship with baseball is very intimate, so I know hero-caliber men aren’t always players. But still…how much baseball-centric reading can one woman—other than me—take?) I wish Harlequin would just contract me to write an entire series called Desire on the Diamond, so I could channel all this seasonal energy into one positive place.
  5. I’m thinking about attending the COFW conference end of September. It’s not terribly far from where I am—drivable—but I’d be going alone. I wish I could convince someone to meet me there. (Hint. Hint. I’m talking to you, Nicole, but I know it’s quite a distance for you.)
  6. We’re still looking to feature romance writers on Wednesdays—published is okay now too. So if you have an interest or a new release, email me.

That’s all for now. What’s up with you? Keep me company this long, lonely week. Post a comment or two.

6 Responses to “Random This and That”

  1. Joanne Robinson Says:

    as Bull Durham is probably my favorite film ever, yet I know diddly squat about baseball…. I’d read a series!

  2. Lara Daniels Says:

    I have to check out tumblr too… And as par spouting nonsense, yours seem to make better sense than mine after I’m finished mommying my kids( all three of them too).

  3. nicolehelm Says:

    You know I would gladly read any book with baseball people. 😉
    In fact, a year or so ago I had a tumblr dedicated to the Cardinals, but I’ve since abandoned it.

    And yeah, no conference for me. I’m already taking two long driving trips in September. I will be all car-ed out by the end. Especially since baby will be accompanying me on both. (Yikes).

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