An Update from Tari: Did I Say My Summer Has Been Crazy?

August 29, 2011

Okay, let me up the ante. It’s gotten just plain insane.

I took last week off from blogging, and I really missed you guys. Did you miss me? Or maybe you were crazy busy with end-of-summer things and didn’t have a chance to notice. I understand and my feelings won’t be hurt.

It was a week of packing boxes and putting them in storage, preparing our home for an open house and preparing our home to hold two additional residents (my son, Gerrod, and his girlfriend, Ashley) temporarily while our house is hopefully being sold. Additionally, we were trying to keep cool…I know most of you won’t feel sorry for me if I complain that we broke 80 degrees this week, but it’s hot to us here! I wrote down the time for my doctor appointment wrong (thought it was at 12:30 on Friday but it wasn’t until 1:45). This was actually good news as it was air-conditioned in the waiting room and I had my manuscript with me. I spread myself out in two chairs, quietly and happily editing while I waited.

I had to keep up with the laundry and cleaning (no letting things slide when you could get a call at any moment that your home will be shown), tried to keep up with cooking (but didn’t succeed…lots of meals out this week), and again squeezed in writing between packing, laundry, cleaning and excited phone calls with my son and his girlfriend as they plan their trip home to California. A week and a half and they should be here the day after my son’s birthday!

I was surprised at how much editing I got done between things. Calls to look at our home are great opportunities to write. I grab the bag that I’m keeping my manuscript in, put a leash on Knight, our sweet lab/chow who just can’t stop shedding in this heat, and sneak out to a park or one of my favorite fast food restaurants with an outdoor patio for Knight. (I have told you guys that I’m the Queen of Run-on Sentences, haven’t I?)

I’m trying to finish revisions by September 20 and I know I can do it. No really, I can! Did I mention that Ashley has a degree in creative writing, and I plan on asking her for help with editing while they are here? Besides, all of my other creative distractions are locked up in storage—no sewing or scrapbooking projects beckoning, just vacuuming, dusting, laundry and keeping things picked up and writing, writing, writing.

Today after making sure the house is ready for realtors to show I’ll be off to do some errands, then hoping to add a thousand (or more) words to my manuscript while editing. Did I mention that my husband is interviewing for jobs with the city right now and that my youngest son’s college classes begin today?

So school starting, hoping my husband will have an official city job soon, waiting for Gerrod and Ashley to get here, hoping we’ll sell our home and be moving into a new one soon, writing my book and so much more going on that I haven’t even told you yet. All kinds of crazy, but good crazy.

Be patient with me while I get through the next few weeks. I’ll try not to cause a flood from crying when I see my son (haven’t seen him in two and a half years). You’ll hear me screaming across the country if our house sells, when my husband gets his new job and if I sell my book, so you’ll know before I tell you here that things are happening.

Hope you all are enjoying your last weeks of summer, sneaking in some writing, maybe reading and making things happen in your life! Please share…I love knowing I’m not the only one with a crazy life.


One Response to “An Update from Tari: Did I Say My Summer Has Been Crazy?”

  1. You’re not the only one, Tari! Between getting the kids ready to go back to school and getting my grandmother through her hospitalization and now a nursing home admission, it’s been batty around here.

    I have to force myself to write in order to get anything done.


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