Do You Audiobook?

September 1, 2011

I have a few hours of driving ahead of me today. Usually, I listen to music and let scenes from my WIP play out like a movie in my head. But today, I thought of doing something different: listening to an audiobook.

I’ve never listened to a book on tape other than children’s books way back when. (I mean look! I just referred to them as books on TAPE. *eye roll*) I enjoy reading. I don’t drive all that often. And when I do have a writing- or reading-free moment, I’m spending it with my family. Audiobooks don’t seem to fit my lifestyle.

But I’m curious about audiobooks. The big one? What’s it like to have a sex scene read out loud? And are their different voices for the different characters? Or is it just one person reading to me like a friend would read me a book? (I never got into the whole read-to-me thing as romantic.) I also wonder if listening to another author’s work will somehow benefit my writing.

I’m thinking about downloading Seduce Me by Carly Phillips. I’ll let you know if I do and what I think.  In the meantime, I’d love to know if audiobooks are a part of your library and what benefits you’ve discovered.


2 Responses to “Do You Audiobook?”

  1. Joanne Robinson Says:

    I audio book… Because if I don’t I plot!! and the poor white van man I nearly ran into will tell you THAT is not a good idea!! ESpecially when I had to Pul over and dictate my ideas into the answer phone at home!

  2. LOL! Oh I’ve been there. I get foggy when I plot too, and my eyes glaze over. Before I know I’ve missed my turn.


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