FANatic Friday: Tawny Weber Inspires Steamy Fantasies

September 2, 2011

It’s Friday, which means it’s FANatic Friday, a day on the blog where we take off our writer caps and put on reader caps to gush about the authors and books we love.

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was about twelve years old, and they’ve always had this “rep” of being naughty books for women. I grew up in a small town where there was no library nearby, no bookstore, and back then my mother didn’t have a car of her own, so on a lazy summer afternoon when I had nothing of my own to read, I would look around the house for any books that had been stashed here or there. I’d look in the coat closet, sometimes under the sofa…I read whatever I could put my hands on. This is how I came to read Carl Sandburg’s Lincoln. This is also how I fell in love with romance novels.

Despite their “rep,” when I started reading romances they were pretty innocent. As soon as there was a passionate kiss they’d fade to black, then a new chapter would start. Many of them are still innocent, however now there are some imprints and authors who really do get naughty. Every now and then I have to read a naughty one, and one of my favorite writers is Harlequin Blaze Author Tawny Weber.

Tawny’s books are smart, sexy, and explore some of our favorite fantasies—or at least some of mine. Who hasn’t had daydreams about being involuntarily trapped with a sexy hunk as in Tawny’s Just for the Night, when a power outage traps Larissa and Jason? Or maybe you’ve fantasized about having a fling with a hot stranger while on vacation as Drucilla does—or at least tries to do—in Riding the Waves. A good book can fulfill those fantasies that we would never live out in real life, and maybe even inspire us to live out some of them.

I often live out my fantasies in writing and love an author who can bring fantasies to life. Tawny does this with eloquence and some serious heat. (You may want to sit near a fan while you read her books.)

If you’re looking for a way to fulfill your fantasies, check out Tawny’s books at her website or follow her on Twitter.

Do you read to live out your fantasies? Do you write to inspire them? Which writer’s know just how to fulfill for your fantasies?


2 Responses to “FANatic Friday: Tawny Weber Inspires Steamy Fantasies”

  1. Tawny Weber Says:

    YAY and thank you!! I love knowing that my stories are making readers happy (and require fans *g*)

  2. taristhread Says:

    Thanks Tawny keep writing steamy stories, and I’ll keep my fan turned on……..

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