Back to Work Monday

September 12, 2011

All my sons are home right now, and the oldest has brought his beautiful girlfriend. Chaotic for sure, but wonderful to have them all here. Friday evening I walked by my living room and saw my three gorgeous sons and their three beautiful girlfriends laughing and hanging out together. What more could a mother want?

So after an “Open House” weekend to sell our home, (keeping my fingers crossed for an offer) it’s “Back to Work Monday.”

…and I’m so ready to work. I’m packing a lunch, grabbing my work and heading to the library for some peace and quiet. My goal this week is to finish editing four chapters and expand my manuscript by about ten thousand words. Might be a little ambitious, but I tend to get more done when I set ambitious goals.

There are days when I think fondly of magazine writing assignments. I would take a week, sometimes two depending on the assignment to work on a two-thousand-word article. Of course, the research was different, there were interviews to do and I spent more time outlining. I also spent part of my week sending out query letters for new assignments.

This week I will just work on rewrites and expanding my word count. My “dream” schedule goes like this:

6:30am – up, shower and dress
7:00 – make the bed, finish chores in case someone wants to see the house
8:00 – write my blog
9:00 – off to Torrance, walk until the library opens
10:00 – write
1:00pm – lunch break and walk for 30 minutes
2:00 – write
4:00 – home to make dinner (tonight is homemade pizza night.)
8:00 – typing the days work

I’m already behind schedule for today. The first walk will be out the window. I won’t cut the writing short! Maybe I’ll make up for it with an evening walk with my hubby at Point Fermin overlooking the ocean.

Well, I better go catch up. I’ll let you know if I make my goal this week. What are your goals for the week?

4 Responses to “Back to Work Monday”

  1. Joanne Robinson Says:

    lol do i really have to voice them? ok here goes
    Write synop for a regency i have finished DONE
    finish the YA i am writing. about 10k.. done 1k today
    wait in dread for edits to come back and do the darned things.
    Can’t til they come back
    Write first 2lk blog a group antho i am in.. ha ha ha ha ha
    Write my tuesday blog for
    iron wash cook hoover, walk etc etc
    not much then lol

  2. I’m desperate for a good schedule, Tari. Ideally, I’d like mine to look like this:

    8:30 Drop G off at school
    8:45 Throw laundry in
    9:00 Treadmill for an hour while I watch Tudors or Downton Abbey
    10:00 shower
    10:30-11:30 emails, blog, twitter, non-fiction work
    11:30-12 lunch
    12-3:15 fiction writing
    3:15-on Family time

    It so never works like this. Today I was up at 6:30 when I unloaded and loaded dishwasher and started laundry. Ran oldest to high school at 7:35. Walked G to school at 8:15 and dropped off dry cleaning on the way. Stopped at mail shop with an armload of sheet music to mail to my brother, and then I was off to the grocery store around 8:45. Home at 9:30 to jump into shower, because is was too late to exercise. While I’m in the shower, I hear pounding, which means construction man is here. Sure enough, with my head wet I’m off to Lowe’s with him to purchase som supplies. Back around 11:30. I finally eat, and take care of some non-fiction work I’m doing. It’s now 12:30 and I’m finally opening my WIP.

    Hope you get a lot done today!


  3. Whew, a daily schedule. I felt good just pinning up a weekly one:

    Mon: Facebook, correspondence, work (4 hours)
    Tue: Work (4 pages)
    Wed: Work and travel (that means errands & shopping)
    Thu: laundry in between blog post
    Fri: Work (4 pages)
    Sat: free
    Sun: free

    Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

  4. taristhread Says:

    Joanne, I would love to be ‘waiting in dread’ for edits to come back…hopefully soon!! Sounds like you’re working hard.

    Elley, your day sounds busy enough, I’m not even doing any non-fiction, but having to squeeze out time for my WIP!!

    Eugenia, your schedule sounds pretty good to me…I think I’ll go with that one!!

    as for me, I got my chores and my blog done, headed to the library and wrote from 10 until 3 with a quick lunch break…no walking, but came home…not happy with everyone at home, so I’m leaving them with leftovers, no pizza, and I think I’ll go do my walking and see if I can write some more!!

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