A Room of My Own

September 20, 2011

As I told you I’ve been working at the library a lot lately. My laptop is pretty old—so old that I won’t even tell you what it is. The battery won’t hold a charge anymore, and it’s difficult to find a seat at the library near an outlet. Heck, it’s just plain difficult to find a workstation at all. (This is not a complaint. I’m very happy to see that the library is still so popular, at least in this part of town!)

Anyway, I’m working by hand, coming home and typing late at night and trying to stay organized. This is harder than I thought it would be. My new dream is to have my own office. I wouldn’t mind sharing an office with another writer, someplace away from home where I keep nothing but my work. I can turn off the cell phone. No kids will knock on the door and ask if I’m making food anytime soon. And there are no chores waiting for me, just my writing.

I would paint this room pink or maybe a dusty rose, not because those are my favorite colors (my favorite color is blue), but because I have three sons, and it’s highly unlikely that they would want to hang out in my dusty rose office with the ivory lace curtains and wide French Provincial desk with curved legs. Maybe I would put a chaise in a corner of the room so that I could also read there. I picture floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with novels of all kinds (probably more than a few Victorian romances, as this room is beginning to feel a little Victorian). There would be no cell signal in this private writing haven. (Don’t tell them that I have internet access.) However, in an emergency my wonderful sons could reach me by calling the building, and the hot male receptionist in the main lobby would bring a message to me.

My own hunky husband could visit me after hours. I’ll keep a nice bottle of wine chilled just in case. But now I’m getting off track…

So the point is, WHEN I sell my novel, the one I write in a corner of my bedroom between feeding boys (and often girlfriends) and of course my hunky husband…or at the Carl’s Jr. restaurant up the hill, where they are kind enough to let me spread out and never ask me to leave (and never ask me to cook)…or at the Katy Geisert library, where I work when I can find a seat in a quiet spot, I am going to first buy a new laptop and then look for an office!

Any writers out there want to share a peaceful place to work? Oh, and we don’t have to paint it dusty rose nor does my husband have to visit for romance, but could we keep the hot male receptionist in the main lobby?


6 Responses to “A Room of My Own”

  1. Love it! The hunky receptionist is an absolute requirement. If we ask him to work shirtless is that sexual harassment?

  2. taristhread Says:

    I think as long as we keep our hands off we’re good!!

  3. The room sounds blissful, if only…


  4. Angelica Rodriguez Says:

    ….. Can I stop by to bring you lunch? Lol

  5. taristhread Says:

    Doris..doesn’t it sound blissful???

    Gellie- you my dear may drop by anytime!

  6. beverly strausser Says:

    you go girl, I’ll help you move in and hang the curtains

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