FANatic Friday…Derailed (aka When Sex Scenes Go Wrong)

September 23, 2011

It’s Friday, the day when we take off our writer’s caps and put on our reader’s caps in order to gush about an author or a book. And I was prepared to do just that with the book I was reading until the final sex scene blew it all to hell.

I’ll spare you the details, mostly because I know we all have different preferences when it comes to bedroom activities. But what I would like to know is how often you—as a reader—are icked out by a sex scene in a romance novel and if it’s something you can get over quickly or if it ruins the book for you?

Me? This time? It ruined the book. I was left staring at the page, feeling oddly betrayed by two people I thought I knew so well. (Ridiculous, I know.) I mean, would I dump a friend because she shared with me that she and her partner have done the very same thing? Of course not. Each to his and her own. You know? So why am I annoyed by two “people” I’ll never meet? And for God’s sake what does that say about me as a writer? Would I really censor my characters’ intimate moments because it makes ME feel uncomfortable? (Apparently, yes I would, because just thinking about writing said scene makes me feel, well, icky.)

As I’m typing this, other books come to mind. And I realize I’ve cringed at sex acts and dialogue before, and I wouldn’t say it ruined those books. But those books were different. Different how? Well for starters, the H&H didn’t seem so normal to begin with. They were those larger—and harder—than life sort of “people” who promptly proclaimed they wanted sex hot, fast and often. And so it was. And so it went. And I didn’t expect them to do much more than that—like that—until the end of the book when they had the “love revelation.” It was what it was. Simple as that.

But this book could have been so much more. This book could have been one of the few books that picked me up and pulled me in, allowing me to feel like I’m the heroine rather than a privileged Peeping Tom. But one scene…one stupid scene…plucked me right out of those pages and relegated me to peeping. Don’t you hate it when that happens?


One Response to “FANatic Friday…Derailed (aka When Sex Scenes Go Wrong)”

  1. taristhread Says:

    Yes, I remember a book by a well known author that kind of left me wondering what had warped her so badly….it wasn’t just a simple scene, it was the whole book…

    My husband bought the book for me because his favorite radio DJ’s had been talking about how ‘hot’ it was, and I guess he thought it might get me in the mood, but the book was actually so convoluted that it did just the opposite. I kept reading primarily because I wondered what made someone even think of these things (I have a feeling the book you were reading may not have been quite the same thing).

    I like a sexy book……but I think we all do have certain expectations when we read….

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