Write Tip Wednesday: Read, Read, Read

September 28, 2011

My tip today is simple, and I think obvious. READ, READ, READ. So often someone will say to me, “I’d love to be a writer, but I don’t know what to write.” My response is usually, “What do you like to read?” Usually someone who writes or wants to write will say, “Oh I love to read romance,” or “I love vampire stories,” but every now and then someone will say, “I really don’t read.” What? Then why do you want to write?

Reading is motivating, inspiring and it sharpens your skills. If you’re not currently reading a book, I suggest you head to your nearest bookstore, library or download one for your e-reader right now…nothing motivates more than a good story.


One Response to “Write Tip Wednesday: Read, Read, Read”

  1. John Matar Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

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