What Are the Odds?

October 5, 2011

My oldest is preparing for the homecoming dance as much as any young man can prepare—or even wants to prepare. He’s looking for a black suit that fits and a good place to eat. Other than that, he’ll leave the rest to his date. If she’s like any other high school girl, she’ll gladly take the reins and obsess over the smallest details. The thing is I don’t know what she’s like, because we’ve never met. The first I’d heard of her was about a week ago when my son informed my husband and me that he was going to homecoming.

“With a bunch of guys or with a date?” I asked.
“A date, Mom.”
“Who is she?”
“Nobody you know.” And then he said her name.

He was right…and he was wrong. I don’t know his homecoming date, but I do know someone by the same name. You see, my son is going to homecoming with a girl who has the same name as one of my heroines. How weird is that?

So the question is…do I have to change my heroine’s name? It’s not even a question worth asking is it? (I mean it’s the same name—FIRST and LAST.) Of course I have to change the name. My son’s date can’t very well be expected to change hers.

Seriously. What are the odds?


4 Responses to “What Are the Odds?”

  1. taristhread Says:

    Oh Elly, I have to apologize between bouts of laughter….for the laughing of course. I mean, I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s kind of funny….On the other hand, I’m so sorry. What are the odds?

    Not to give you something else to worry about, but if they get married someday it will make a great story!!

    *hugs* to you, and wishes for your son to have an amazing time at his homecoming dance!!

  2. Don’t apologize. It’s hilarious isn’t it? I mean out of all the first names and all the last names in this whole wide world, and out of all the girls he could have picked to take, he picks the one with the same EXACT name as my heroine. I’m laughing too.


  3. nicolehelm Says:

    Definitely gave me a giggle. And of course, if you ever need a really big threat you have one. “If you ever do that again I am naming the character in my romance novel after your girlfriend!” =)

  4. Nan Hartwell Says:

    LOL–can’t help but get a giggle over that. But then I have been known to giggle when I read a book and the heroine has one of my daughter’s name and the hero has the same name as her best male friend. That has happened twice with one daughter and once with the other. What are the odds?

    It has to be because the names go together like peanut butter and jelly. 😉

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