Write Tip Wednesday: Staying Focused on Your Goal

October 12, 2011

I spent the weekend at the Orange County Chapter of RWA’s 30th Birthday Bash, and had an amazing time. I could give you dozens of tips just from this workshop (and eventually I probably will) but the one I want to share first is from NYT Bestselling Author Susan Mallery: “Have a specific goal. Stay focused on that goal. Don’t let shiny things off your path distract you.”

I’ve spent this year working on this particular thing…staying focused on my goal. My goal is to have a career writing fiction. For me shiny things off my path that could lead me astray are projects that other people offer me that offer instant gratification but won’t get me to my goal, spending too much time on social networking instead of writing, and allowing myself to be distracted by the next “shiny new” story that I’d like to work on.

I’ve been working very hard to stay focused on this story. I have wandered slightly off my path a few times, but I’ve made a point of getting right back on track. I’m determined to achieve my goal.

What is your goal? What are the shiny things off your path that lead you astray? How do you stay focused on the goal?


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