Epiphany at The Fantastic Café

October 20, 2011

So last night my hunky husband and I were sitting in The Fantastic Café near the point, eating chicken souvlaki and talking about my book. I am busy rewriting and although I love the story, I keep feeling like something is missing. The story is a little too sweet and I’ve wanted to add a slightly dark subplot somewhere. So we’re talking about various minor characters and there is a female dancer, who hasn’t had much of a part, but I like her character a lot and I’ve played with developing her story a little more. As I dipped warm pita bread into Tzatziki, I realized that the subplot was already set up.

The dancer wasn’t the dark character; there was someone else. Someone who although minor already had the potential to be an antagonist, someone I hadn’t even considered, and yet through out the story he had opportunities to create conflict, to add something sinister.

On the way home from The Fantastic Café (yes, that really is the name) we stopped and picked up a couple of reams of paper. Before I went to bed last night I printed off a complete fresh copy of my manuscript, sat down with sticky tabs and a pen and made notes all through the manuscript.

Today I am ready to work. What I needed was there all along. I was just looking too hard to see it. Of course this means that I have to go back again through early chapters, have to make sure that I make all changes necessary so that there are no inconsistencies, AND of course I have to write a new synopsis…I don’t care. I’m so happy with these new developments.

Has this ever happened to you? You thought your story was finished, but maybe something nagged at you and suddenly…possibly while bouncing ideas off of your hunky man it came to you, and you realized it was there all along? No really there was no alcohol involved…just arm pitas and chicken souvlaki.


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