Does Your WIP Have a Soundtrack?

October 25, 2011

I’ve written before about how music and writing go together. I rarely write without my iPhone plugged into my Bose speakers. If I sit down in silence, I’m off the chair in a matter of seconds because it’s too darn quiet (when the kids aren’t around). Occasionally the words or the speed of the song doesn’t match what I’m writing, so I grab the remote and jump to the next track, but I hate the interruption.

Some writers create playlists for their works in progress (WIP). I tried this a couple times, but it overwhelms me. I have thousands of songs to weed through. I don’t know all of the tunes by looking at the titles. Once I start sampling the songs, the little project turns out to be a giant undertaking, and I’m puttering with my phone instead of writing.

Is there an easier way? What am I missing? If you write with a “soundtrack,” I’d love to hear how you gather the songs for each WIP without wasting writing time.


One Response to “Does Your WIP Have a Soundtrack?”

  1. Nicole Says:

    One thing I do is just listen to my iTunes library while I’m writing those first few chapters and add songs to my playlist as I go & as fit. Then by a few chaps in i have a playlist. Or I just listen to, say, all my country songs picking which ones work since country is usually the best fit for my small town romances.

    Or sometimes if I’m stuck I just use going through my songs as a procrastination method. 🙂

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