Pajama Party with Authors Louisa Bacio and Kara Lennox

October 28, 2011

I hadn’t been to a pajama party in, well…a very long time, even if you count the one an 8-year-old writing student invited me to a few years back. For a mother of three sons, that party was a lot of fun by the way! However, at the OCCRWA Thirtieth Birthday Bash this month, after the daytime workshops were over, those who chose to stay could attend themed pajama parties…pajamas optional.

There were two sessions and a number of workshops you could choose from at each session presented by some very talented authors. My first session was titled “Passion in Pajamas” hosted by author Louisa Bacio. There was no holding back in this steamy session. Naughty writing prompts enticed a roomful of women and one lucky man to reach somewhere out of our comfort zone to the dark—and maybe candlelit—places we might not usually explore. Luckily there was wine involved.

Louisa had some creative writing prompts that required a release of inhibitions and willingness to openly express sensual ideas, especially when it came to reading them out loud. In fact, I’m looking forward to reading more of the exploits of Lord Smutville, a character that emerged during one of the exercises in this workshop. I would tell you who the author is (one of my favorites), but I believe these sessions fall under RWA (Romance Writer’s Anonymous). Did I mention wine was involved?

The second session I attended, “Brainstorming in Pajamas,” was less steamy but equally stimulating. Author Kara Lennox presented this hands-on workshop, where individual writers shared their current writing challenges with the group while we talked out ideas that would hopefully inspire a new direction or breakthrough in the writer’s story. My hunky husband, Paul, and I do this with my work (See my Oct. 20th post Epiphany at The Fantastic Cafe). It was fun and exciting to work through someone else’s story in this way and fascinating to see how this would work in a room filled with talented writers. Keep in mind the writers in this room ranged from aspiring to very successful.

Pajamas or not, I left the workshops both inspired and stimulated with new ideas and new tools for approaching my own writing.

So when is the last time you went to a pajama party? Maybe it’s time to attend one…pajamas optional.


7 Responses to “Pajama Party with Authors Louisa Bacio and Kara Lennox”

  1. Louisa Bacio Says:


    So glad that you enjoyed the Pajama Parties. We had such a good group!


  2. Kara Lennox Says:

    Ha ha, just want to clarify that no one was naked at my pajama party!

    It was a fun time. Oh, yes, and the one lucky guy in Louisa’s Passion Pajama Party was my husband. Seriously, was he telling the truth about what you guys talked about???

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the pajama parties. I had a fun time organizing them. All the hostesses did a great job, and as far as I can tell, everyone had a blast. I only wish I could have been in three places at once! 🙂

  4. taristhread Says:

    Thank you Louisa! I really did have a great time, and it was a wonderful group!

  5. taristhread Says:

    Kara, Do you suppose that when I said pajamas optional there might be some who thought I meant clothing optional??? Just so everyone knows…I kept my clothes on!

    Didn’t know that was your husband, we had a great time, I’m pretty sure he was telling the truth….he really couldn’t have made anything up that would be….well….let’s just say he didn’t have any reason to make anything up…please tell him no eye contact for the next 6 months or so!! (Just kidding)

  6. taristhread Says:

    Debra, Thank you so much for organizing the pajama parties, they were fabulous, and the ladies that I talked to all wanted to plan more events like that, so they were a huge hit!!

    I wish I could have attended all of them, it was really hard to choose just two, but that just leaves us all something more to look forward to…..

  7. taristhread Says:

    See you all at the November meeting!!

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