FiMyFuNo: Ready. Set. Go!

November 2, 2011

Today I start FiMyFuNo (Finish My F*@#ing Novel). And no, I’m not making fun of NaNoWriMo or SYTYCW. On the contrary, FiMyFuNo was inspired by NaNo. So why not NaNo? The big reason is that I’m mid WIP and worried NaNo could become another distraction with the very capable and attractive site and the buzz on Twitter. Do I need a NaNo-like kick in the ass to finish this book? You bet. So I’ve created FiMyFuMo.

The Way it Works

  1. Decide what you want to write, the word count to completion and when you can write. For example, I’ve already written 30K words of a contemporary romance with an anticipated word count of 80K words, and I write five days a week, like a job…except it’s not a job. (It’s my heart’s desire, and I need a reminder now and then.)
  2. Do the math. For example, there are twenty-one writing days left for me in November. If I subtract the 30K words I’ve already written from the 80K total, I am left with 50K words to the finish line. If I take 50K words and divide by the number of writing days I have in the month (21), then I get the number of words I need to write each writing day to reach my goal (2,380-ish). Now, I’m bad at math, and even though I used a calculator, I’m not confident the figures are right. If you email me to point that out, kindly provide me with the right figures while you’re laughing.
  3. Write. This seems simple, but it’s not. To make it easier—and here’s the key to FiMyFuNo—limit online activity. Yes, I’m serious. Check Twitter, Facebook, emails, blogs once a day while FiMyFuNo-ing. Once. Twice at the most (morning and night, leaving the hours in between for writing). No exceptions…unless you sell a book…or give birth.

That’s it. Three easy steps to finishing or writing anything. Have an idea. Set a goal. Avoid distractions. Ta da! And the beauty of FiMyFuNo is that you don’t have to wait a year for it if you miss the start date, because you pick the start date.

*Want to join me? Add your daily word count and end date in the comment section below.

*After this blog post was written, I created a FiMyFuNo category. For easy access to all things FiMyFuNo, click on the category at the right of this page when you visit From Fact to Fiction.


35 Responses to “FiMyFuNo: Ready. Set. Go!”

  1. I’m writing Monday-Friday with a 2,380-words-a-day goal. My deadline is November 30.

  2. katysmum Says:

    ha I’m doing his with my crit group as well. i was 30k into my m/s and have to finish it by 15th. so 20k to do. But I’ve promised (?) to TRY and do a total of 50k so far in 2 days So far as up to my noon today, i’ve done 5k so an=m well happy!

  3. taristhread Says:

    LOVE it…I’m rewriting, not really a word count goal, I’ll get back to you with a goal though…

  4. OMG! (Don’t tell my grandkids I wrote that — I keep telling them I can get along fine without text-speak, thank you) I love it! It’s the same reason I didn’t take up the NaNo challenge — It’s really for spitting out a completely new draft on a new idea. I have over 35K words on my WIP and can’t commit to finishing in a month. I’m aiming at around 90K. At 250 words a page, that’s about four pages (2k) a day, five days a week, to make 50K by the end of No, and then finish before Christmas. (Okay, check my math while you’re at it) Would that count? I’d like to use this blog as a whip to make myself get off the internet and WRITE! And for me, only one online check-in per day. Two seems to stretch into quite a few hours. I joined the FaceBook page “How Many Pages Did You Write Today?”. Problem is, once I get on FB, I’m lost in grandkids, cousins, etc. So maybe if I made myself come here and post, I won’t get so distracted.

  5. I’m happy this struck a chord. 🙂

    Genie, of course that counts. I’m excited to have someone else to “keep me accountable.”

    I’m done writing for the day, and I wrote 3895 words toward my 2380-word goal. I must admit, it was hard to not check in with Twitter, especially when I wasn’t writing. But I tried to keep my thoughts focused on my story, even when I wasn’t writing. It helps.

    I hope you’ve all had a productive writing day!


  6. katysmum Says:

    it’s 10 pm.. my arms hurt, my hands have shut down, my brain is stultified. BUT I am leaving today with a total word count of 7,631 words for my 2 days.

  7. Genie, how’s it going?

    Anybody else out there want to jump in? There’s no specific start or end date. You pick those. We just give you a place to be held accountable.

    Me? I woke up to sewer back up, and that threatened my whole day, but then I realized with back up, I can’t shower until it’s unclogged, so I can’t workout. If I can’t workout and shower, then I can write right away and get my words in before Hubby & the plumber come at noon. There’s always a silver lining isn’t there?


  8. After posting here last night, I sat down and let loose. Almost 1900 words. Not much, especially considering that only three pages were the WIP and the other five were the start of something — not sure what yet! But it’s a good start.

  9. Despite Hubby’s injury and my still unresolved sewer issues, I managed 3080 words today.


  10. […] can check on my writing progress and the progress of other FiMyFuNo-ers here. You can also join us! We’d love the company.) Advertisement Eco World Content From Across The […]

  11. 1267 words last night. 625 this morning, and still lots of time left in the day! Woo-hoo! Now I need to get caught up on my blogging. I don’t want people to think I quit.

  12. Over 1250, but some were forced. But they’re there on the page! (screen) Anyway, tomorrow’s my birthday, so I’m taking off. My friends asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner. I started describing my favorite meal: small steak, maybe shrimp on the side, baked potato with everything, salad bar and a nice glass of merlot. Suddenly realized I was describing the senior menu at Sizzler! Oh, the joys of age.

  13. Wow, Genie’s cranking out the words and enjoying herself on the side. 🙂 I don’t care where I go as long as I can get a nice glass of wine.

    Friday was a bust for me. Hubby was home, and other things were going on, so I bargained with myself and said I could skip Friday if I made it up between Saturday and Sunday. I did, and those weekend words have put me in a good place in my ms, so I’m excited to write today.

    How about everyone else?


  14. 2,396 words today. It feels like that number should be so much more, but I was writing in bits and pieces, so it felt like I was writing all day.

    How’s it going for you?

  15. Got wrapped up in an overdue blog post. Gotta take a break, but Ah’ll Be Back.

  16. Woke up early this morning and added four pages to the 500 words I did yesterday. I seem to burn out right around 1200 words, but if I keep going day after day, that’ll be enough!

  17. Way to go, Genie! I fell short of my goal yesterday, only writing 1500 words. I’ll make up for it today though.

  18. I’m still plugging away…had a 3K word day yesterday. The only problem is the faster I write the more I stray from my plotting. Once a pantser always a panster, huh?

    Genie, are you still around? Anyone else?


    • Hi! I’m still here, sorry, but our resident geek has been messing with my computer to see what kind of new one he can build. Anyway, I’ve been puttering along at about 500 words a day — way behind schedule, but better than nothing. Maybe someday soon I will do an all-day marathon and catch up a little. At least enough so I’m not ashamed to show my *face* here! You’re going great guns — good job!

      • Thanks! I’m trying. I feel like I’m writing in a cloud of dust, though, because speed is my focus. Hopefully I won’t hate it all and make more work for myself in the end. 🙂

  19. 2000K so far today plus some random words while rereading that last chapter I wrote. I’m going to write some more after dinner.


  20. kinda weird, here. When I click on the FiMyFuNo link, the original post comes up but not the comments nor any way to add one. If I click on the title line of the post, then the comments come up. I have to keep remembering to do that, because a few times I’ve given up.

  21. Sat in the hot tub last night and was hit with at least two scenes or long bits of great dialogue. Took the time to get dressed, have some tea to combat the chill of getting OUT of the tub and used some lotion on my dry skin. You guessed it — by the time I got to the keyboard, the scenes were pretty much gone. Managed to work out about five pages of one, but they’ll never be as good as “the one that got away”.

    Any way to enlarge the font here? I feel like I need a magnifying glass to read the posts.

  22. Yeah. I’m not going to make my goal. Between Thanksgiving and my malware drama, there’s no way. I’ll readjust and post my new goal soon.


  23. That malware thing sounds awful. I haven’t had it happen yet. So yours was through images? I never downloaded images until I started my blog and wanted to use some generic stuff as well as my own camera shots. Do you think I’m in danger?

    • Really? Who knows where it came from. I saw the article at Huffington Post about Google Images, and I figured that was as good a place as any to pin blame. 🙂 I think we’re in danger anytime we visit unkown sites and download (save) things off those sites to our computers. Sad but true.


  24. Better late than never…I finished my f*@#ing novel!!! Well, I finished the first draft. 🙂


  25. […] finished my FiMyFuNo manuscript yesterday, well the first draft anyway. It’s the first single title-length manuscript […]

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