5500 Words a Day, Walking, Shopping & Cleaning…Oh My!

November 7, 2011

It’s Monday! I love Mondays. I know they’re not popular as days of the week go, but for me, Monday is the beginning of a fresh new week…a fresh start. I set new goals. I forget about the mistakes I made last week, and start all over again. Since I’m a big believer in denial as a tool for success, this should be no surprise. Yep, if I screwed up my diet last week, (if) I start over this week. If I didn’t write enough last week, I set a new goal for this week. I do this with Mondays, the first day of a month and the beginning of the New Year. (I love it when the first day of the month lands on a Monday!)

So here I am on Monday, shivering at my desk…yes, I know I live in Los Angeles, but I really am cold…I woke up and it’s 46 degrees out, and I don’t know how to turn on my furnace…because I’ve only used it twice in three years. (Did I mention that my hunky husband, Paul, is a heating and air conditioning tech?) So anyway…I’m shivering at my desk, and setting my goals for the week. Elley came up with the brilliant idea of FiMyFuNo, and my goal to participate is to have my rewrites completed by the end of this month. According to the math (keep in mind, I AM a writer not an accountant for a reason) this means I need to complete about 5500 words a day Monday through Friday…allowing for the Thanksgiving holiday of course. If I don’t hit my goal, I can make up for it on weekends of course. (Thanks a lot, Elley, I blame you!)

My other goals this month are to walk for an hour every day, keep my house spotless, (Did I mention it’s on the market?) and finish my Christmas shopping. Living in Los Angeles, my annual ritual is to have my Christmas shopping done by Halloween and wrapped by Christmas. Not because I’m a Christmas freak and can’t wait until closer to time (although I am) but for obvious reasons….I LIVE IN LOS ANGELES! If you go to Del Amo Mall, my personal favorite, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it can take twenty minutes to drive from Pacific Coast Highway to the mall on Hawthorne Blvd…not quite two miles. Then, it may take you another 15 minutes to get into the parking lot, thirty minutes to drive around looking for a spot…you haven’t even gotten into the mall yet and your patience is gone, blood pressure is high, and you’re ready for a break at the food court (Or is that just me?). I won’t get into the mobs of people all looking for a bargain, the long lines, and holiday chaos.

So I think that explains my rule about having the shopping done by Halloween…but I didn’t meet that goal this year, and I’m kind of in a frantic panic.

Did I mention that my house is on the market???

Then of course my doctor gave me until January to get my cholesterol down (yes, right through the holidays) or I have to go on medication. Now if you knew me, you’d know that this is not a good option. I don’t like medicine. (I have told you that I believe in denial…okay, probably not always smart.) So, I have to get my cholesterol down, must walk every day and eat healthy…I can do this. I can. I really, really can. (I also believe in positive thinking!)

So I’m going to rewrite 5500 words per day, walk for an hour, finish my Christma shopping before Thanksgiving, make a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner (I am thankful that all three of my sons will be here for Thanksgiving this year!), and…I may have mentioned my house is on the market, so keep my house spotless as well. While I’m out there Christmas shopping, I’m going to buy myself something warm to wear…my boots and sweaters are stylish, but, well…they’re stylish, and I need to be warm. And maybe I learn to turn on the furnace…Aha, new Monday goal: learn to turn on the furnace! (I can do this. I know I’m smart enough.)


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