What Makes a Man a Hero?

November 10, 2011

This is a blog about writing, especially writing romance. On any other day if you stumbled upon this blog looking for ANYTHING related to college football, you’d be very much in the wrong place. But today is different.

I’m a born and raised Pennsylvania girl. Many of my stories are set in Pennsylvania cities and towns. Some of those stories feature athletes and coaches, agents and administrators. I write what I know. And at the moment what I know is making me sick.

Someone tweeted the other day and asked followers if they thought Occupy Wall Street would lead to less marketability for romance heroes who are wealthy businessmen. Today I’m wondering if the Penn State scandal will have a similar effect on heroes who come from the world of sports. It shouldn’t, though. Men who cheat and lie or harm and cover up are anything but heroes. If men like that make it into the pages of our books, they’re villains who meet an appropriate end at the hands of the real hero.

A real hero. There’s a concept. Any one of the men I create for my stories would’ve grabbed Jerry Sandusky around his miserable neck, put him through the ceramic tile wall, and risked ridicule and ruin to save a child.

How sad is it that in the real world a man like that can be hard to find?

One Response to “What Makes a Man a Hero?”

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