Writing Inspiration from the Newest Fact to Fic Chick

November 14, 2011

I’m so happy to be here joining the From Fact to Fiction ladies. Though my background reads more of a from fiction to fact to fiction again, I look forward to blogging about writing, romance, and the like. If you want to know about me you can read my bio, you can visit my website, or you can even follow my sometimes inane ramblings on Twitter (@NicoleTHelm).

Now, while Elley and friends are participating in FiMyFuNo, I am staring at week three of NaNoWriMo. There are NaNo lovers, NaNo haters, and NaNo what-the-heck-is-that-ers. I definitely fall into the lover camp because before I came across NaNoWriMo I had never completed a novel, despite years of trying. This goes back to my fiction first background.

I always wanted to be a writer. I didn’t always think it was possible to be a published author, but I always loved to write. In middle school, I came up with the idea for a novel and I began to write. And then I had another idea, and I started to write on that idea. By the time I reached my junior year of college (and the first year I did NaNo), I had started 50+ novels and never finished. Some were only a page or two, some were half way done, but none ever reached that wonderful conclusion.

I look back and I wonder what made me stop every time. I had the stories mapped out, knew what was going to happen, but in the end nothing ever pushed me to completing the darn thing, no matter how close I might come. Back in 2002, I came across NaNo and it sounded like exactly what I needed. The idea of NaNo is not to write a piece of art in 30 days. It’s not to do something so you can lord it over your friends. NaNo is not about anything except this: write a complete story in 50,000 words in 30 days. Why? Because it’s such a time constraint that you cannot worry about fixing your mistakes, you cannot worry about editing, you can’t worry about anything except writing. No excuses. No other stories. You have this one story and you just have to KEEP GOING.

What was the difference between that November and the seven plus years I’d abandoned every novel I’d ever attempted? I just kept moving forward. For me, that was the key. That was what I had to do to get through that weird you-cannot-finish block.

So, it’s my best advice to any struggling writers out there. KEEP GOING. Whether you’re doing NaNo or FiMyFuNo or just struggling to put words to paper, the only way you’ll ever get to that glorious THE END is to KEEP GOING. Once you figure out how to do that, tinker with your process all you want, but until you can move beyond the obstacles, the need to make things perfect, the fear of failure and rejection, or simply the excuses of everyday life, you just have to KEEP GOING.


3 Responses to “Writing Inspiration from the Newest Fact to Fic Chick”

  1. taristhread Says:

    Best advice ever!! Just Keep Writing!!! Welcome to Fact to Fiction Nicole.

  2. Yes, great advice and welcome, Nicole.

    (Ummm, how did you know I wanted to blow off writing and watch a movie from my comfie couch today? Whatev…I’ll just KEEP GOING. Killjoy.)


  3. nicolehelm Says:

    Thank you, ladies!

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