Getting “Writerish” with Rebecca Forster, Louisa Baccio and Kara Lennox

November 18, 2011

I actually wrote my post yesterday, but things have been changing quickly in my writing life, and I woke up this morning with new things to say, so I’ll save today’s original post for another day.

Although I did very little writing this week, almost everything I did was “writerish.” (Okay spell check, I know writerish isn’t a word, but I’m using it anyway, thank you.) So I had several lunches, spent time with other writers, talked about writing, read about writing, read my own writing and as sometimes happens, I’ve learned things this week and even perhaps developed a little more confidence.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that The Number One Most Important Thing a writer can do is to sit that butt down and actually write, but I’ve found that having generous and talented mentors and studying your craft is important as well.

Lately, I spend most of my time glued to a chair in front of my computer. If it wasn’t for my internet friends and the occasional knock on the door by my husband or sons to see if I’m still alive, I’d call it solitary confinement. I love writing, and I actually enjoy being alone, so this isn’t difficult for me to do. In fact, sometimes it’s difficult to get me out to socialize. (Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten how to socialize.)

This week however has been very social. One of my friends commented that when she read my Facebook status I sounded like one of the “ladies who lunch.” It was true.

On Monday I had lunch with Guyla Greenley, a friend from Wyoming and an inspirational writer. We met nine years ago at our children’s school, but it was writing that we bonded over. The truth is we didn’t talk much about writing on Monday, just caught up on friend things…but we are both writers, so it counts!

On Tuesday, I had lunch with my very dear friend who is a college English teacher, Cindy. She’s been kind enough to read and do some editing for me. My mechanics are not always perfect as you may have noticed, but you are all so polite and never point it out. Hugs to all of you for being so kind. Anyway, we did talk writing, and discussed my POV problems and some comma issues that I might or might not admit to having…and the general consensus was that I should probably enroll in her English 101 class next semester…although, I’m happy that she’s willing to read and edit regardless of my student status.

Okay, Wednesday was lunch with Mom, Stepdad and Aunt…the only writer talk there was, when am I going to be published, rich and famous so that they have something to brag about? Love you all, and…I’ll let you know.

Yesterday, I had lunch with the lovely and very talented Rebecca Forster. Rebecca is the author of numerous legal thrillers and teaches at UCLA Writers Program. I’d met her previously at writing functions and have always been impressed with how warm she is and how willing she is to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring writers. Yesterday the main topic of conversation was e-publishing and the exciting new opportunities it offers to writers. And Rebecca knows what she’s talking about with the success of her Witness series. I learned more in that one lunch meeting than I could have learned in months on my own.

I spent the evening NaNo writing…sort of…with several writer’s from OCCRWA, including Kara Lennox (I’ve already expounded on her critique help) and Louisa Bacio whose new book was released today. (Be sure to check it out!)

The generosity and mentoring of these published writers…and English teachers… makes each of us a better writer.

Oh, and did I mention that when I woke up this morning and checked my e-mail there was a message from RWA National saying that my PRO status has been approved, which means more mentoring and resources that I can access.

So my point today is…yes, WRITING is the number one thing a writer needs to do, but networking, making writing friends is important too…and maybe doing some sharing and giving of our own, after all it is the season!

Well, no lunches planned today, so I better get to work on my manuscript. Would love to hear about the writers and others, who have made a difference in your writing. Hope you’ll share!


2 Responses to “Getting “Writerish” with Rebecca Forster, Louisa Baccio and Kara Lennox”

  1. rosellezubey Says:

    I read your post with great interest. I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month. I found that my push to make 50,000 words has caused me to fall short on o much of my other writing. You left me kind of hanging on how you’re doing with that. You’re also very lucky that you have someone that will help you with your editing. Anyway, I enjoyed your post. I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. rosellezubey -Thank you!! And I have been lucky. As for NaNo, my Nano numbers are suffering because I’ve been working on rewrites of my finished manuscript. I have to tear myself away from that to do a little NaNo writing.

    If you aren’t already an RWA member, I highly suggest joining… even if you don’t write romance. RWA has taught me so much about writing, and given me an opportunity to learn from some very accomplished writers, agents and editors. What I’ve learned would be valuable in any genre.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you do come back and read some more!!

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