Epiphany on Hunky Hubby’s Birthday!

December 6, 2011

I’ve had a break from my manuscript for…well a couple of weeks. I hosted Thanksgiving for sixteen people, which required three days of cooking and getting the house ready, followed by, uh Thanksgiving, then of course a day of sleep. Since then, like everyone else, I’ve had Christmas preparation, out-of-town guests, birthdays—all happy events—but all reasons that I haven’t touched my manuscript. The story however is never far from my mind.

So early yesterday morning in the shower, I had another story epiphany, similar to the Epiphany at The Fantastic Café, in fact, connected to the Epiphany at The Fantastic Café.  It was a magic moment that really pulls the story together and gives it just what I think it needs. (Of course I’ll have to weave this through my story to be sure.) Once again, as with my previous epiphany, it was something simple, something already set up in the story. My previous epiphany gave the story a slightly dark element. This one, I hope, will make that more of a haunting element.

So, of course, I texted Hunky Hubby as soon as I was finished with my shower. Okay, the truth is, I couldn’t even wait that long, I hopped out of the shower, dripping wet and with conditioner in my hair, and texted him at work. Then I finished my shower, dried off, dressed, and texted him again…didn’t he SEE how important this was? (He was working of course, but I could hardly wait to tell him what happened.) At 9 a.m., I finally texted him with a plea “break?” Easy, because I know he usually takes his break at nine a.m. I was rewarded within seconds with a phone call. Yay.

So I answered the phone, “Happy Birthday, honey!” No, I don’t always call him Hunky Hubby…although, he wouldn’t mind if I did. Did I forget to mention that yesterday was Hunky Hubby’s birthday? Well, it was…what a perfect day for an epiphany! (You can wish him a belated Happy Birthday if you’d like. He’s @1cooltech on twitter, and sadly, he only has six followers, so please feel free!)

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I spilled my story breakthrough (I’m really getting tired of the word epiphany) and Hunky Hubby loved it…well, of course he did, that’s part of what makes him so hunky. He’s my biggest fan and loves everything I write. He wanted ten thousand words rewritten by the time he got home. That, of course, didn’t happen, but I did have a completed story synopsis with the new facts in the story, and we both felt good about the new plot element.

Something else happened quite accidentally with this new idea. My story connects to the book that I’m waiting to write next. It also gave me a new title for my book. A title I like so much better.

I’m dying to write, but I’ll have to sneak it in here and there over the next three weeks. Today I’ll be shopping for flannel and sewing Christmas jammies with a friend, tomorrow cookie baking marathon with another friend, then a day with a dear friend from Wyoming… (Hi, Susan! Can hardly wait to see you!) Then I’m cooking all day Friday for Hunky Hubby’s sometimes-annual Lasagna Birthday Dinner with Dave, one of his buddies from high school whose birthday was also yesterday…”Happy Birthday, Dave!” and old friends Ed and Cindy. Ed and Paul (a.k.a. Hunky Hubby) have been professional colleagues since their apprentice days, and Ed’s birthday is this weekend. “Happy Birthday, Ed!”

So, I will be getting up early and writing a little, writing in between holiday activities, and writing late at night, if I can keep my eyes open.

What does your holiday schedule look like? Does it include writing? Are you squeezing it in? And if you have a moment, feel free to tweet a birthday greeting to @1cooltech, better known as Hunky Hubby…I’ll make him check his twitter page.

Happy Writing!



One Response to “Epiphany on Hunky Hubby’s Birthday!”

  1. My holiday schedule is mixing with my regular schedule and wreaking havoc on my life. It’s snowing roday for only the second time this season (amazing for the Northeast), but I’m still driving the oldest to daily baseball practice while Hubby is mostly MIA. We’re pushing to get the family room renovations done before my brother comes in for Christmas (Dec. 21), so there’s always sawing and hammering in the house. Writing is going slow, and I’m apt to berate myself for that, but then I remember my productivity is always lousy in December. So…as long as I’m doing something for my MS each day, then I have to be happy about it. (Oh, and happy be-lated birthday, Paul!)


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