Back Away From the Social Media and No One Gets Hurt

December 7, 2011

If you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been unusually quiet lately. Of course, lots of tweeters are quieter this time of year as they run out of hours in the day for shopping, baking, cooking and spreading good cheer. I’m busy, but I can always find time for Twitter, and that’s currently a problem, considering I can’t always find time for writing. So…I’m on a Twitter diet.

I know a lot about diets. You name the method of weight loss, and I’ve tried it (except surgery). I’m not proud. In fact, when it comes to body image I’ve been warped for a very long time. Early on, the diets were innocent, starting with a loving relative who suggested I cut this or eat more of that. Later, my friends got involved, offering diet pills and cabbage-soup diets scribbled on notebook paper. The media urged me to continue my obsession with weight and to try new diet plans. And then came the internet. More gimmicks. More empty promises for fast and lasting weight loss. Ten years later I would enter intense therapy to combat bulimia. Through it all, one thing remained the simple truth: A healthy body takes a nutritious diet and exercise.

What in the world does this have to do with writing? There are parallels between my weight loss obsession and my writing obsession. Both have been subject to outside forces. Some tweets are like diets, promising publication tips and advice to improve my writing, pushing me closer to publication. I’m eager for the information. I absorb it. I use it. And if it doesn’t work in a timeframe I’m satisfied with or if I read something else or something conflicting in the meantime, I move to the next tip. Early on, the search for information was innocent. (We just want to be the best we can be.) But eventually, all the noise and opinions can overshadow the one simple truth: A writer writes. (And tweets don’t count.)

So I’m backing away from the social media for a bit, and I’m going to write. The best “brand” on the Internet isn’t going to sell a damn thing if there’s no product to sell.


One Response to “Back Away From the Social Media and No One Gets Hurt”

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