FANatic Friday: Realism with Sarah Mayberry

December 16, 2011

As much talk as there is about romance being “escapism” and “fantasy” and how it sets “unrealistic expectations” one of the things I look for and enjoy most in a romance novel (or any novel) is a sense of realism. I tend not to get as drawn in by stories of princesses and fake countries or Greek tycoons and multi-billionaires, because, as good as those books might be, you don’t get that feeling that they could really happen.

So, one of my favorite authors right now is Sarah Mayberry. All of the novels I’ve read by her have this common thread. They seem like they could happen. Okay, sure, not every guy on the planet is really hot and built, but the characters, the conflicts, the resolutions draw me in because they feel real. Mayberry’s books don’t rely on misunderstandings or power plays or plot devices to create conflict, the characters themselves create the conflict. From tortured past, to bad marriages, to simple fear, her characters’ emotions and the conflicts because of them seem like they could be from anyone.

Mayberry’s books aren’t romangst. The characters deal with their issues, usually together. They have conversations. They behave like real couples. There are dark moments they overcome, but in a way that is usually mature and sensible. For me, those are the most powerful love stories.



2 Responses to “FANatic Friday: Realism with Sarah Mayberry”

  1. I’ll have to pick up one of Sarah Mayberry’s books…who doesn’t love a good love story??

  2. Tilly Slaton Says:

    She would be a new author to me … I look forward to reading her work 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

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