Dear Santa, Could You Spare 17,000 Words?

December 20, 2011

I finished my FiMyFuNo manuscript yesterday, well the first draft anyway. It’s the first single title-length manuscript I’ve written in over a year, and it wasn’t as hard to go back to the longer length as I thought it would be.

While that story is percolating, I’m going to be doing some recreational reading, but before I jumped into that, I re-read my last finished manuscript and have decided to add 17K words to get the current category length up to single-title length. During the re-read, I made a few notes about a character that could be fleshed out more, but 17K words? I’m a little overwhelmed.

So this Christmas, I’m hoping to find a neatly wrapped package filled with the perfect words beneath my tree. (I’m thinking I have a better shot at opening up the puppy I asked for and never received when I was ten.) What are you hoping for this Christmas?



7 Responses to “Dear Santa, Could You Spare 17,000 Words?”

  1. I’m still working on the 30,000 words I have to add to my story….I need another 10,000!!

    As for what I want for Christmas…I got my computer, so now I’d like to wake up proficient at using it…any chance?? Well, next week when I’m still befuddled, you’ll know the answer to that!!

  2. Tilly Slaton Says:

    You will do great! Find some music and headphones and you’ll be good to go heh 🙂

  3. I just wish for time to write, with no other tasks niggling at the back of my head.

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