Reading Resolutions

January 4, 2012

This year, I resolve to be a better reader. My love of books—romance in particular—is what started me on this writing path, but in the past few years I’ve been more focused on writing than on reading. As a result I’m harder to please as a reader. I’m more critical, more judgmental. And while some would say reading with an editor’s eye is a good thing, it robs me of one of my favorite forms of entertainment. So…

This year, I resolve to read more and judge less. (I won’t put a number on this goal. I will simply say I resolve to read daily, and reprimand the critic in my head whenever she starts to bitch.)

This year, I resolve to read outside my favorite subgenre and genre. (Contemporary romance is my “thing,” but I used to adore historical romances, and lately I’ve been itching to read a young adult novel or two.)

This year, I resolve to read more paper pages. (I still love my ereaders, but I miss the feel of a cold glossy cover and the smell of paper pages and the rush of walking into a brick and mortar bookstore. I’d forgotten how sensory reading can be.)

In the past, my resolutions haven’t lasted long, probably because they were related to things I didn’t truly want to do…exercise daily, save more money, eat less sweets. This year, I’m more optimistic. Being a better reader is an attractive resolution. I can’t think of a better way to spend my downtime in 2012.

How about you? Is reading more on your list?



2 Responses to “Reading Resolutions”

  1. I like the idea of resolving to read every day, rather than to read a certain number of books!! I’ll do this with you….

  2. Great! I used to try to use numbers to keep myself on track, but it became a chore. By just saying “daily,” I can steal a page here or there and hopefully keep wanting more.


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