Are You a Writer? We’d Love to Meet You!

January 11, 2012

If you write romance (or another genre involving strong romantic elements) and are pursuing publication, we’d like to feature you in our Writer Wednesday posts. It’s easy. We don’t bite. Pen names are fine. You don’t have to be particularly interesting. You don’t have to submit a picture. We ask a few easy questions by email, and then publish your profile, giving you the chance to promote your site, blog, Twitter or Facebook. Better yet, you’ll be introduced to some wonderful people who read the blog regularly and are writers just like you. In addition, you may get lucky. (No, not lucky. Get your head out of the gutter.) The vast majority of the writers featured on this blog have gone from unpublished to published in the blink of an eye. We might be magic. (You don’t know. Maybe I stole some fairy dust from the Disney vault before I left.)

So…email me, Elley, at if you’re interested.


One Response to “Are You a Writer? We’d Love to Meet You!”

  1. plaintain1 Says:

    Sounds great. Will email you straight away!

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