Manipulation, Hunky Hubby and Zumba…

January 23, 2012

Is it Monday already? I feel like it should be Saturday. What happened to the weekend?

Ah, well a fresh new week. I didn’t do any writing over the weekend, but I rarely write on the weekend. My house is too busy and our calendar is always packed. This weekend I got to spend Saturday playing with my cousin’s three beautiful daughters, ages 7, 6 and 2. We pulled out all of my craft supplies and made a mess on the table, but we had fun doing it! We rubber stamped pictures, made paper bag puppets, hole-punched butterflies and hearts and glued them to cards. Then we made individual homemade pizzas for lunch. Saturday evening after I picked up the mess, we had good friends over for dinner, and yesterday, Hunky Hubby was busy building a workbench in the garage and organizing, so I took the opportunity to get out of the house for a few hours, because I’ll be sitting here at home writing for the rest of the week.

My goals for the week? Write 10,000 words, finish reading two books I’ve been reading at the same time, write some book reviews, and exercise for at least an hour every day! I think it’s manageable. I really do.

Hunky Hubby bought me a Wii for Christmas. It’s not that I wanted a Wii, the boys wanted a Wii and Hunky Hubby didn’t want to get them another video game system. So, because it was Christmas, and I knew that the boys wanted a Wii, I told Hunky Hubby that I wanted one for exercise. (You know, I’m getting bored with walking at the beach.) He checked them out and got all excited about the fitness opportunities. So, he bought a Wii…for me.

Now of course, the boys have bought a variety of new games and have been playing the new game system non-stop, especially youngest boy (age 20) whose new school semester doesn’t start until mid-February. In the meantime, the Zumba package that Hunky Hubby bought for me, sits still unopened in the living room next to the television.

So this weekend, Hunky Hubby notices that it’s uh…late January, and I haven’t opened the Zumba.  “Hey, I bought this for you, not the kids. They didn’t need another video game system…when are you going to use it? I’m beginning to think you didn’t really want this thing at all, that you manipulated me into getting it for the boys?”

“Me? No honey, I wouldn’t do that…I want the Wii, and I’m very excited about the Zumba. It’s just…well, I’m not comfortable exercising in the living room with people in the house, and there’s always someone here!”

“Uh, huh…Well, then we can just put the system in our bedroom. That way you can take a break from your writing and exercise uninterrupted.” Hunky Hubby is always so resourceful.

So, I promised to use the Wii, while youngest son walks the dog every day…since middle son is rarely there at this time. Now I’m committed.

But, truly, I do need to get up from this computer and move around every now and then, so Zumba…here I come…then I’ll write for two hours, maybe climb up and down my three flights of stairs for a while (it’s raining today, no walk at the beach), write for another two hours, then read at lunchtime. Then hopefully a little more writing…Tomorrow repeat.

So now I have to go downstairs and figure out how to use the Wii…I’ll have to ask youngest son what to do. Odds are I won’t be able to do it by myself, kind of like this new computer, which I love, but I’m still trying to learn. Why is it that everything I do has to involve new technology? Life was so much easier when writing just involved a pen and paper and exercise was a walk on the beach…

Anyway, what’s your plan for the week? Does it include Zumba? Next Christmas I refuse to manipulate Hunky Hubby into getting what the boys really want. Sorry, boys…I love you, but …well, now I have to Zumba!



2 Responses to “Manipulation, Hunky Hubby and Zumba…”

  1. LOLOL! What we mothers don’t do for our kids…

    And I loved this line: “Life was so much easier when writing just involved a pen and paper and exercise was a walk on the beach…”


  2. taristhread Says:

    Thanks Elley…hope these boys are willing to help out with chores so I have time for the Wii!!

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