How’s the Writing Going?

February 6, 2012

We live in a society where people are obsessed with what we do, not who we are, and that can make life difficult for an unpublished writer. I’m not embarrassed of the way I spend my days, rather I don’t like the pressure this simple question creates. Every time someone asks me, “How’s the writing going?” I’m not sure how to respond. “Good,” is the rote answer. “Slow but sure,” often follows. And if I’m greeted by wide eyes and more silence, I usually add, “The publishing world is changing, and I have to learn to change right along with it.” (I’m not even sure what that means, but it does seem to bring the conversation to an end.)

Why not be open and honest? I’ve tried that, but explaining the significance (or non-significance) of contest wins and personalized rejections to people outside the industry depresses me. Their glazed eyes and compassionate nods only serve to illustrate how far I have to go before these hours spent behind the computer screen matter to anyone other than me.

So how’s the writing going? It’s going. Where exactly? I don’t know. Some days I’m certain I’m on the fast track to the career I’ve dreamed of. Other days I’m pretty sure this track leads to a life spent in self-doubt hell. But I keep going, because writing isn’t just something I do…it’s who I am.



2 Responses to “How’s the Writing Going?”

  1. Summer Says:

    How true Elley. A writer’s days are often pingpong. We just have to learn to go on with or despite them.

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