I am a Writer: Meet Francene Carroll

February 8, 2012

My Name and/or Pen Name:  Francene Carroll

Blog/web site/twitter:  As a technophobe I have not got around to setting up a blog or website yet (shocking I know!) but hope to rectify this very soon. Stay tuned.

Where I write:  On my bed, on the couch, on a banana lounge under a tree in my backyard, in the car if the inspiration strikes. Pretty much anywhere but at my desk!

What I write: I have written a romantic suspense called Shadows of Yesterday which is published by Breathless Press.

I have a romantic comedy forthcoming from Siren-Bookstrand titled Pleasure Island. I’m currently working on a vampire novella series.

Worst rejection or how long it took before publication: I was very lucky and got a contract fairly quickly for my first book which I was very grateful for. Unfortunately instant fame and fortune did not immediately follow but I continue to live in hope.

What it was like to get “the call”:  Very, very exciting, to put it mildly. I ran screaming through the house and would have turned cartwheels if I was nimble enough!

What keeps me writing:  The sheer joy! Writing gives me such a great feeling of personal fulfilment that I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I’m hooked.

I am a writer because…I love nothing more than to let my imagination run free!

[We’d like to thank Francene for sharing with us. If you’re a romance writer (unpublished or published, straight romance or strong romantic elements) who is interested in being profiled, email Elley.]


4 Responses to “I am a Writer: Meet Francene Carroll”

  1. Nice to “meet” you, Francene. I can relate to your comment about letting your imagination run free. In a world where we are governed by rules and expectations, it’s nice to be able to retreat to a world where we call the shots. 🙂


  2. Anna Says:

    Francene, I love what you said about the cartwheels! Nothing like getting the call, huh?

    • Francene Says:

      That’s for sure Anna! I think the only thing that comes even close to matching it is seeing the cover art for the first time.

  3. Francene Says:

    Thank you Elley. It’s lovely to be profiled here. I can really relate to what you said about the joy of being able to call the shots in your own imaginative worlds.

    I believe most writers are control freaks at heart and this is one of the major attractions of writing!

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