Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012

I have a confession to make. Despite being a romance novelist, despite loving romance novels and romantic comedies, I am not a very romantic person in real life. In fact, overly romantic gestures tend to make me uncomfortable. If my husband suddenly decided to write me a love poem, I honestly wouldn’t know how to react. I imagine my initial reaction would be something akin to horrified laughter.

I once had a friend who refused to tell me how her husband proposed because it was so over the top, she was convinced I would make fun of her. (Which I wouldn’t have… To her face).

Still, I enjoy Valentine’s Day. Not as a day for jewelry and expensive gifts (candy will do, maybe some flowers), but as a day to remember your loved ones with whatever overtures work for you. I think the prevalence of romance novels in all their types and subgenres just shows us that everyone has their own visions of what love should be.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day however you might celebrate!



2 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. taristhread Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Nicole!!

    I on the other hand will be over here having an over the top mushy romantic Valentine’s day. Hunky Hubby and I are both ridiculous about romance. (Sorry honey, I’ve outed you in public…again). You can laugh at me right in front of me, I’m used to it. We have friends who have been laughing at us for years….and others that cheer us on.

    The key is finding the right amount of romance and mush for your relationship, and when you do it’s perfect!!

    So once again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. I’m somewhere in the middle. Poetry makes me cringe. When it comes to action, I like passion but not sap. When it comes to gifts, I like things that mean something to me. A random diamond necklace–no matter how big or how expensive–is just a diamond necklace. However, a handmade pendant with “Enough” carved in the worn metal is a gift that is individual to me.

    Truth be told–and Hubby knows this–I’d rather be given center ice tickets to the hockey game. 🙂

    Like you both said, a good romantic holiday, whether it’s V Day or another day, is doing what makes you both smile.


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