I am a Writer: Meet Sarah Madderra

February 15, 2012

My Name and/or Pen Name: Sarah Madderra

Blog/web site/twitter: www.sarahmadderra.com@SarahMadderra

Where I write: From our home/far

What I write: romance/contemporary, working on Beginnings Farm: Rebuilding Love and Trust, story of an abused horse inherited by a veternarian and a trainer. The trainer is a woman coming out of an abusive marriage. The vet instills love and trust in both with his help.

Worst rejection: From writer site

Best rejection: Only had above

What keeps me writing: I enjoy the storytelling.

I am a writer because…I enjoy doing it, and I am independent. I plan on self-publishing, don’t wish to deal with traditional right now.

[We’d like to thank Sarah for sharing with us. If you’re a romance writer (unpublished or published, straight romance or strong romantic elements) who is interested in being profiled, email Elley.]


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