One Track Mind

February 20, 2012

Sometimes I get stuck. I don’t just mean writer’s block, to me it’s more akin to brain block. There’s something in my brain sapping all my energy, thoughts, and drive. Very little else can get done because of this block. This block can come in many forms, from many different sides of the brain. For instance, right now all lobbying for space in my brain is my current WIP, submissions I should be hearing back on soon, and this whole being eight months pregnant thing.

When I have three big blocks in my brain like that, I have a hard time balancing. My house is a mess right now. I’m having trouble sleeping (which isn’t all brain, some of it is sharing a bed with a toddler and some of it is being large and uncomfortable). I don’t want to cook dinner. I just want to go hide in a hole somewhere until these blocks are gone.

But, most of them aren’t going away. At least not anytime soon. I know I need to learn to work through these times. I need to find a way to balance keeping the house at least respectably clean, feeding my family, writing, and being present for my family. From observation, I imagine that a lot of writers feel this way. A lot of writers search for that elusive balance.

So, my question is… Has anyone found that balance? A trick to turn off your mind when it’s trying to run on too many tracks? Or are we all in this brain block boat constantly trying to figure it all out?



One Response to “One Track Mind”

  1. Funny that this is your post today. While I’m not exactly blocked, I do find that I crave days without obligations of any sort. The longer I go without giving myself permission to slack, the bigger the battle in my head. I’ve found that it helps to go easy on myself. If I’m okay with getting nothing done, then somehow I end up doing more than when I set out to do it in the first place. Does that make sense? 🙂

    YOU ARE PREGNANT. VERY PREGNANT. Girl, you do not need to be worried about making lists and getting things done. Bare minimum: pick up the house so you don’t get trapped under piles of laundry and toys. (I’ve been there.) Other than that, let yourself enjoy the miracle growing inside of you. There’s a time for everything. And right now, it’s time for you to give yourself permission to slack. 🙂


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