I am a Writer: Meet Louise Rose-Innes

February 29, 2012

Louise Rose-InnesMy name and/or pen name: Louise Rose-Innes

Blog/web site/twitter: LouiseRoseInnes.com@louiseroseinnes, and on Facebook

Where I write: I write at home, in my loft office, surrounded by personal inspirational items and photos of my son, with the radio on and sunlight streaming in from the skylight above my head.

What I write: Category Romance (contemporary): Antarctic Affair – On Amazon Kindle (US Kindle link, UK Kindle Link)

Worst rejection or how long it took before publication: Worst rejection was by Harlequin Mills and Boon (HMB) who kept me on tender hooks for a year before giving me a formal NO.  The manuscript apparently did the rounds with all the editors, and I was so hopeful, that it was a real blow when they eventually refused it.

Antarctic Affair-Louise Rose InnesBest rejection or what it was like to get “the call”: Best rejection was when HMB (again) said there were elements of the story they really loved and proceeded to give me a full page of positive feedback (on Antarctic Affair) with encouragement that I was heading in the right direction and to keep going.

What keeps me writing: The need to create fun, flirty stories with dashing heroes for women to enjoy.

I am a writer because… It comes naturally to me, and I enjoy getting lost in my own fantasy world where every story has a happily ever after. I’m a freelance web copywriter/eMarketing Guru and Chief Blogger at MarketingForRomanceWriters.com. I write Romance Novels in my spare time (the little that I have!)–but it’s a pleasure for me rather than a chore.

[We’d like to thank Louise for sharing with us. If you’re a romance writer (unpublished or published, straight romance or strong romantic elements) who is interested in being profiled, email Elley.]

One Response to “I am a Writer: Meet Louise Rose-Innes”

  1. Louise, your loft office with sky lights sounds like heaven! 🙂


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