A Room of My Own

March 19, 2012

So I may have mentioned that my youngest son moved out. Did I mention that? Well, actually, he moved out last year. I waited to take over his room, and then of course, he moved back in…

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago, my youngest son moved out…again. This time I didn’t wait to take over his room. In fact he’d gotten the key to his new apartment and said, “Mom, I think I’ll just leave some of this stuff here for a while,” referring to things still in his room. He seemed a little surprised when I said, “No, I’d rather you take all of this stuff…” also referring to things in his room “…by the end of the weekend. I can use the space.”

So, by Monday, I had my own room. I put my little blue desk in the room, some bulletin boards and magnet boards; I have shelves, a cabinet, and my ipod stereo. I also have my sewing and crafting supplies in there. I can write, read, sew, listen to music…it’s heaven. I can leave my manuscript spread out all over the desk with various notes and rewrites in organized stacks, and it’s not in the way—I can just close the door. My little jar is filled with 10-cent blue pens. (Did I tell you I found them on sale in a 12 pack for a dollar? Now they’re less than 10 cents!) I have a fresh stack of empty spiral notebooks just waiting for me to fill them, and a fresh ink cartridge in my printer. My much loved thesaurus, a birthday gift from my brother a couple—well, more like a few…okay a LOT of birthdays ago—is on the shelf next to my favorite dictionary…yes, I still use them. (Come on really, what do you expect? I do still write with a pen in a notebook.)

I need to find a cozy reading chair for the corner, where I can curl up with a good book, and maybe a little table for a cup of tea…oooh, or a nice glass of wine, and I’m going to make new curtains for the window.

Yikes, did I say I miss my son? Well, he only moved a mile away, and I see him almost as much as I did when he lived at home, but now I have my own office/library/sewing room!

So I’m getting a lot more work done these days, except I do catch myself spending time on the internet, looking for decorating ideas.

So how many of you have a room of your own? An office, study, library, whatever you call your special place? How many of you are waiting patiently? How many of you find you get more work done when you leave the house?



2 Responses to “A Room of My Own”

  1. I dream of having a room of my own, but I wonder how often I’d really use it. I don’t like be shut away. Over the years, I’ve learned to work amid chaos. Still, it’s a lovely thought. Mostly, I’d be thrilled to decorate it. 🙂


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