Was I Looking Forward to a Fresh New Year??

March 23, 2012

Okay, confession time. I haven’t done much writing for the last month, well, since the week of Valentine’s! I have to admit this has been a month that I wouldn’t care to repeat anytime soon, or ever hopefully. The 14th was Valentine’s Day as always, then my mother had surgery on the 15th. On February 16th, just before arriving home to attend a funeral (2nd this year), my hunky husband was laid off from his job—but the national news reported that the unemployment rate had dropped… Anyway, somehow by that same evening, I had been offered a job at the sewing store where I worked years ago. Just part time, but it made me feel like I was doing something! On the 16th, my youngest son moved out unexpectedly. While I told you about this (I have a room of my own!), I’ve only told a couple of people about Hunky Hubby’s lay off. I didn’t want to tell my mom when she was trying to recover from surgery, so that meant being very careful about telling people.

My mom had some complications that made her recovery take longer. We had some credit card fraud, and Hunky Hubby lost a filling and had to have a root canal. Did I mention that I slammed my thumb in a car door when I was 14, and although the nail has never grown back properly, I’ve never had trouble with it, until now of course… My thumb swelled up to about three times its normal size. In fact my entire hand was swollen and was extremely tender, just in time for my first day of work…write hand of course. (No that isn’t a typo. It was my WRITE hand.)

So I’ve spent the past month a frantic mess, haven’t touched my manuscript…even though I’ve wanted to since I have a room of my own. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t done any writing. I’ve written dozens of cover letters and a few resumes for Hunky Hubby over the last five weeks. I could write this post about resume writing if you want a more “writerish” post. (Let me know. I’m great at resumes!)

Hunky Hubby has been pretty wonderful, holding it together when I sat down and cried…about his job, about my son moving out, about credit card fraud, about my thumb… The kids have been pretty great too. Youngest son comes by to walk the dog most days and to let me know that just because he moved out doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me—or my cooking—anymore. Middle son, who has been working full time and going to school part time saving up as much money as possible, had just quit his job so he could focus on school full time, and he offered to go back to work. (Luckily, this wasn’t necessary.) The few friends that know what’s been going on have been very supportive as well, and I’m thankful for my amazing guys and caring friends, including Gayle, Ed, Chris, Tammy & Danny, Andrea & Dave…Dave, who we didn’t tell anything to because this all started the day of his mother’s funeral; Sue, who didn’t know how supportive she was really being, and Susan who did; to Elley who puts up with me even when I forget I have a blog post due! Really, all of my friends and my family who are always supportive…and I want to thank the Academy. Oh, wait. Sorry! Did I say that out loud? I generally save that for my dreams of winning an Academy Award for Best Screenplay from a Novel. (Is that a category?)

But seriously, friends and family make the hard times easier to get through and the good times that much better. And the good news is that today Hunky Hubby is back to work at a new job. He’s waiting for a crown for his tooth. The credit card fraud has been straightened out. My thumb is back to normal size, and I ended up with a new doctor that I’m really happy to have. I’m enjoying my job at the sewing store and plan on staying if they’ll keep me…and today, *deep breath & sigh of relief* I’m staying at my desk in my new office/sewing room and dusting off my manuscript.

How has 2012 been for you so far? I hope you’ve had a better start to the year than we have, not to complain. (Overall we’ve been pretty lucky about how things have turned out.) I know Nicole has had a happy event this year. Congratulations Nicole! I’d love to hear from the rest of you. Please share!



6 Responses to “Was I Looking Forward to a Fresh New Year??”

  1. Louisa Bacio Says:

    Many ((hugs)) to you, hon! It seems like it all comes down at once, doesn’t it? Hope it stays level and smooth, and very glad that hunky husband was picked up so quickly! Just goes to show you!

  2. taristhread Says:

    Thanks Louisa, I’ll take those hugs. It really does seem like everything happens all at once, I’m really hoping things will be calm for awhile I’m going to open a bottle of wine and celebrate Hunky Hubby’s new job!!

  3. Wow, Tari. I had no idea. I’m happy everything is on an upswing now, though. And never worry about posts. (We’re kindred spirits in that department.)

    My 2012? So far so good. I’ll keep you posted.


  4. Kate Says:

    I love how heartfelt and honest your voice is. Hope everything works itself out.

  5. taristhread Says:

    Thanks Kate! You couldn’t have said anything nicer. One thing I’ve learned is that things always seem to work out. Already things are much better!! And if life was too easy, it would be hard to put real conflict in your writing…..not that I wouldn’t mind having a little less conflict in real life!

  6. taristhread Says:

    Elley, I know I didn’t say too much, but now that things are back on track, and my mom has recovered, it’s much easier.

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