This Crazy Thing Called Life

April 4, 2012

Sooooo…I am the worst blogger ever. I almost forgot to blog again today. And when I remembered, for a brief second, I thought about blowing it off. But then I thought about Tari, who manages to blog near faithfully despite all the craziness in her life, and I couldn’t walk away from this laptop without writing something. Since my brain is fried, I’m simply going to tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to–in case you wondered.

I’ve been neck-deep in this motherhood thing. How is it possible they are needier now than when they were babies? With two teens and a 10-year-old, you’d think things would run smoothly around here, and you’d think the quiet hours when they are all at school would afford me ample time to indulge my whims. But no. Even when they aren’t here, they control me.

“Mom, don’t forget to wash my sliding pants.”

“Mom, I need a new binder.”

“Mom, we’re out of printer ink.”

“Mom, what happened to all the Gatorade?”

By the time I run the errands, wash the wash, and plan a way to feed three kids going in three different directions, I’m exhausted…and ornery…and pretty sure every other mother is better at this than me.

Worse yet, when I get like this, I do stupid things. It’s a type of rebellion, I’m sure. I need a distraction in a big way. When I was younger, I got pregnant, or I got a dog or cat. Now that I’m older, I’m slightly more mature about it, realizing adding responsibility isn’t going to solve anything. Instead, I take off on a girls-only vacation, or in this case, I decide to buy a house. *face palm* The good Lord needs to show me some other ways to rebel.

So there you have it. This crazy thing called life has grabbed me between its teeth and is shaking me back and forth like the squeaky chew toy that I am.



4 Responses to “This Crazy Thing Called Life”

  1. taristhread Says:

    What made you think it would get easier as they got older?? Nope, I think it’s just different. A girl’s only vacation sounds like a plan…actually….a vacation with just Hunky Hubby sounds even more amazing…I just love the word vacation, would like to remember what that feels like!!

    And I think it’s funny that my ‘near’ faithfulness (that’s giving me a lot of credit) is what motivated you to blog today!! This evening I’m going to drink a toast to that Elley…what a great start to my day….and tell us about the house you bought!!

    • I figured it would have to get easier when they were old enough to tell them to “do it yourself.” It doesn’t work that way, though. 🙂

      As for the house…ugh! We were beat out. It was probably for the best. The accepted contract could always fall through, though, so I sit and wait.


  2. Just realized it’s over a month since my last blog post. I feel awful, but the whole purpose was to follow the development of a certain project, and because of not getting it in writing, the entire project has slipped away from us into other hands, and we can’t force updates or deadlines. And now it’s gradually been put on someone else’s back burner. So some of my enthusiasm has drifted away. What to do?

    • Eugenia,

      I wish I knew! Enthusiasm is a hard critter to wrestle into submission. 🙂 I like to think if I stick with something–even when I lack the enthusiasm for it–that eventually I’ll feel better about it and hit my stride. Maybe this will happen for you.


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